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  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Event Information >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bulgarian Transport 1nd Annyversary Date-19/8/2020 [Wednesday] Settlement time is 18:00[UTC] Departure time-18:30[UTC] Departure point-Hamburg [All City] Finishing Place-Dortmund[SteinBruh] Server-Bulgarian Transport 1 Year Convoy Map For Convoy-https://imgur.com/TRIOOT6 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Rules for Convoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1.Only Convoy Control can use beacons during the Event. 2.Unless you have booked a slot for your VTC then you must park with the public. 3.All members in convoy must listen to the Event Staff instructions 4.Do not overtake during the convoy 5.Event staff members only are able to overtake the convoy. 6.Do not advertise your VTC while at the event 7.Roads may be blocked by event staff. 8.All drivers must have a truck and trailer, only Event Staff are allowed no trailer. 9.Event staff only may drive wrongway. 10.All other official TruckersMP rules apply. <<<<<<<<<<<<<Discord Server>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Event Discord Server-https://discord.gg/fxYGzr9 Bulgarian Transport Discord Server-https://discord.gg/8YT36Vh
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