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  1. Hey Guys, I read the two Threads which Soul Knigh send. But none of them are helping. My settings are set up correctly and the sound is turned to maximum everywhere... So, I still need help.. But maybe it just isnt possible to have the CB Radio correctly set up with my interface... I mean, PCs are crazy and if one driver just isnt working, it could fu** up the whole thing. greets, timmy
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for trying to help me, but you couldn't help me with this answers... :/ It's not that I don't know how to set the things up, I actually know that it doesn't work because of my external Audio-Interface... I done every setting correct, believe me. But thanks guys greets, timmy
  3. Hey Guys, As i mentioned in the title, my CB Radio isn't working. And yes, I saw every tutorial there is about this topic, but it's (kind of) not my fault that it isn't working. I got an external Audio-Interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 solo) and my Microphone + My Headphones are plugged in there, that means that my standard Audio-Input/Output is "Focusrite USB". If I'm toggling the Audio-Input/Output to the normal system default (that means my outer speakers and just no microphone), then it's working. I don't have these kind of issues with other Ingame-Voicechats, thats why I am a bit confused about it. So, does anyone having an answer how to use the CB Radio with an external Audio-Interface, or is it even possible to use the CB Radio with an external Audio-Interface? (-> and yeah, of course, all my drivers are the newset ones.) Thanks
  4. Okay guys, I have tried to start the game with my Speakers and not with my Headphones and it is "working", but only on my Speakers.... If I turn the Output back to my Audio-Interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Solo) then it isnt working anymore... Is the CB Radio not working with an external Audio-Interface? Cause I havent got any issues with other in-game voice chats of other games... is there any solution for it? greets, timmy
  5. Hey Truckers, The output of the voicechat in Ets2 isn't working. I set everything up right and my friends can hear me ingame, but the problem is, I can't hear anybody. I set up my output ingame right and everything should be working, but it isnt. greets, timmy
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