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  1. Guys yesterday i was playing ok Truck MP and today i opened launcher and it downloaded some updates on it. Then when im in game and connecting to server there is something wrong like on the screenshot , please help me im loosing my nerves and hope... I reinstalled and downloaded again truckers mp launcher and it didnt helped... please someone help me when i wanna redownload some mod thorugh launcher there is nothing to download more i can only start the game... and when i start the game there is this from screenshot
  2. It is kicking me with reason"modified trailer accesories I had front camera mod installed. I deleted extern11 folder and change in game back to mirror in truck. And It is still kicking me with this modified trailer accesories reason... Anyone can help? Imn losing my patience.
  3. Why this DLC not works on MP ??? It kicking me all the time. I bought it today and I cant use it.... IS it because of tmp not supporting 1.32 ???? ...
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