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  1. TMP is just unplayable with the constant lagging & stuttering, you literally can't drive with anyone around because of it! Question is what is causing it, i mean everyone is rubber banding around 

    1. Noxii


      Must be on your side then cuz I experience absolutely 0 problems driving around recently.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Noxii It ran fine on SP, so i think not!

    3. Granite


      I got this on 1.35 too, but quite a few mod version back, eventually it disappeared.

      Now it's back, and it is caused by players "spawning" near me, I mean, whenever someone new pops on "players nearby" tab list. the game literally freezes for split second.

      When several players spawn simultanously, it gets way worse, and when there is too many at once - kick for unreliable connection, same whne you log into the server in a high population area.

      I see a lot of people reporting this, it can't be just everyone's internet connection suddenly getting unreliable, in my case this happens while my ping doesn' change erratically, it just sits btw 20 to 50, framerate counter also stays reasonably stable.


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