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    Small roads?

    There is a road in the italy dlc near florence that is really cool, it brings to a company.
  2. With the upcoming road to the black sea dlc, I hope they release the balkan dlc.
  3. The situation is getting out of hand

    1.35 problems

    I fixed half of the problem, I disabled all mods and now it works, but I tried this morning to play and it crashed, But Everytime I install a vehicle mod it gives me these problems.
  5. Hello all, I have a big issue. Since I updated ETS2 to the newest version (1.35) I have lag problems. (I'm talking about Singleplayer) I can't drive properly even on minimum graphics, I can't repair my truck because it will crash. Please someone help me Oh, Another thing, I didn't experience lag problems before, I played im medium graphics (Cuz I have a 2015 Laptop) Sorry If I misspell something, But I need help right now. ANOTHER THING, I forgot to mention that when I open the console, I see that a lot of models (Mostly of them I think are AI) They have an incorrect file or something like that.
  6. I use skoda sometimes, But I don't really like it because of some glitches.
  7. Really cool! I tested it with the experimental beta, it has a lot of details! But, Italy is not completed yet (In my opinion) Because there isn't the city of Trieste (An Important City) And Sicily has only 3 Cities, When Sicily has more than 3 Important Cities (Trapani,Siracusa,Ragusa,Agrigento) I hope someday they will add these parts with an update.
  8. Salve a tutti, io ho il dlc dell'italia e penso che sia uno dei migliori, ma siccome vorrei comprare un nuovo dlc ho bisogno di consigli, quali mi consigliate?
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