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  1. Haulvoc's post in Are the new DLC paint jobs allowed on MP? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, TMP has not yet been updated to support those paint jobs and that's causing the kick. Don't be offended by that, it's just a technical issue. At some point (I don't know when) the new paint jobs will be supported.
  2. Haulvoc's post in TruckersMP 1.33 < 1.32 cargo was marked as the answer   
    Try quick travelling, this will force an economy update and should fix your problem. You can travel to services by pressing F7 and then Enter. You also quick travel to one of your garages or any truck dealer through the main menu.
    Sleeping in a resting area can also work, if you have this option. Alternatively, you can force an economy reset: Open the console and type: g_force_economy_reset 1
    Then load your last savegame and you should spawn at your garage with the message: "Game change detected".
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