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  1. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    I got a permanent ban. All further study and changes in the car, do it yourself.
  2. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    Profile, which does not see the new wheels, may not be included mod on cars Colors...16 elements of painting, choose any of the 16, replace only the file name.(The path to the file must remain the same!) PS police painting is not allowed. I warn you, for the use of this modification, in particular, changing the wheels of cars, game moderators will not say "thank you"!
  3. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    loque the parameter was not added or removed "accessories[]: _nameless.rtire" I returned the accessory, the file is fully working. Picture below in confirmation volvo_8.sii
  4. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    attach your file volvo_8.sii I'll check it for errors
  5. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    When these wheels are synchronised, it will be officially supported to modify them. Until then, it is just 'tolerated' so to say. So while it is allowed to use other wheels for the car, we prefer that you do not do that as it will necessarily lead to more confusion than good. Community Manager Anriandor PS In simple words-you decide to use a modification or not. It's just respect for : administrator game moderator and to everyone else who keeps order on the roads TruckersMP Kind regards, Nell
  6. Nellensia

    Driveable AI traffic cars

    The car is bad,the driver of the vehicle accelerates quickly,hits etc types of violations of traffic rules and the rules of the server.. But let us dear,look into the eyes of truth.. A truck without a trailer has more weight in the files, the physics calculation of the collision of the car and truck are the same,in other cases,more often suffers and is a victim of a car, not a truck. Flying trucks or cars are due only to the use of third-party programs and you know about them. (for those who don't know it,trainers using the "Ghost"mode, aka" noclip") Whatever the mode of transport, it all depends on the brains that steer this transport. Bad or good,but the car has already been added,the only question is whether to diversify the car body and only. And I give my vote without hesitation. And advise others to think before you throw mud at drivers who are driving cars.After all, the player who drives the truck is not always good driver .. his *** **** **** ********...."very bad driver" +1
  7. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    if you are still unsure I recommend contacting feedback here: "https://truckersmp.com/feedback" I discussed the topic about how to customize car wheels with TruckersMP Community Manager. And I am obliged to inform and to you that the use at the moment of modification of the wheels of the car is undesirable,and if the modoified car will be seen with modified wheels ,the player who controls this car ,may be punished ,because the modification,which is not fully functioning,leads to confusion on the road . So, treat with understanding to the TruckersMP community, do not use this modification on a permanent basis of time.
  8. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    The guide says "Removing unnecessary parts..." you didn't delete all the details because the console is swearing at the remaining part and the game doesn't know what to do with it. this detail is called " _nameless.fdisk"" in other words - check volvo_8.sii, for "fdisk", if you find it,delete it
  9. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    The first thing I will do is to warn you that I am using a translator,so that there may be shortcomings in terms of the interpretation of my actions and the editing of your actions by me.. And ..so we proceed... The first thing you should pay attention to your photo - the following error content "_nameless.fdisk" You probably left the "tails" and did not remove all the extra details of the game wheels (tire, hub, nuts, disc) ...some further complaints of the console also arose because of these "tails", and perhaps the whole problem is in this " tail" And more..if I understood correctly, such folders as : vehicle name_truck_dealer and <truck brand> These folders do not need to be created,they are already present in the archive "skoda_car" In the "vehicle" folder, should be: file " car_wheels_conflicts.sui" folder "truck_dealer" (its contents \truck_dealer\volvo\volvo_8.sii) folder " truck" (its contents \truck \ skoda.superb\chassis \ chassis_incompatible.sui) "truck_dealer_uk" folder (if you want your car to be at a dealer in the UK, its contents are identical, as well as the "truck_dealer" folder") Check your volvo_8 file.sii on the absence of"tails", if the problem is not detected you,attach it to the message.I'll check. News
  10. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    I could try to help you,but I don't know. : 1) the Purpose of your modification (what you wanted to do) 2) What did you do (step by step) to get the result
  11. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    this is how I see my car (Pic1) And see of my car the other players (PIC 2) It's just my thoughts... It seems the server has no data on AI cars ,this all the wheels are replaced by the wheels of trucks.... and if so,how would we not tried - it will not work until the files AI cars do not return to the server.. and that's why Forerunner said: These currently do not work properly in multiplayer, so please do not take these into multiplayer until after a client update has been released. maybe I'm wrong about that...I hope so. )) Oh Yes, I apologize for my English-mostly I use a translator )
  12. Nellensia

    Car Modification Guide (Wheels and Paint-jobs)

    /def/vehicle/truck/scania.r/paint_job/style9.sii Locked