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  1. Speed regulations are determined by the game moderation team, because this section deals with one or more complaints that occur within the game. I mean, if the speed limit is lowered, there are too many high-speed accidents in the game, or it leads to situations that can cause players who reach high speeds to commit more rule violations, if the speed limits are lowered, this is necessary. It is possible to observe similar accidents at low speeds, but I am sure that compared to high speeds, this ratio is very low, and you will be able to see it with your own eyes. 110km / h is an ideal limit for the moment. When players treat each other with respect and drive without violating, the speed limit will rise. This is not race game. If you want make speed you can play F1.
  2. Clalais is now a big city in the TruckersMP community. Players already prefer these roads because they want the feeling of driving in traffic. So 2-3 thousand people want to see the crowd on the connected server. I don't quite understand the situation you're complaining about here,I'd like to point out more than one rule violation by players if that's your problem: https://truckersmp.com/reports will help you. Hlozék
  3. In appearance, elemental in my trucks looks much more beautiful, so I prefer elemental.
  4. It is not yet available on the market. But I would love to see the Mercedes Future Truck 2025 model.
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  7. It looks very modern, I love the exterior of the new generation trucks. I would like to see it more modernized as avionics over time.
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