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  1. Heys guys,Squirrel showed how to actvate the realistic phisics for ETS 1.33 version...My question is:Can i do the same with ATS? i honestly cant play there after using the new phisics in ets lol

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    2. caff!!!


      I had done that right after said accident, in fact shows up in the video

    3. BrunoPelogia


      @Mike Dragon i tested everything  on ETS Single player for atleast an hour and i'm playing for  a week without any problems(rail crossings included).I believe the biggest risk is another player with a FH16 crashing into me at 150KM/H........the values that were changed were created by SCS itself.They didnt fully implemented the new physics mostly because of players with keyboards because you need a  precise control of the truck all the time.
      But i'm not going to do the same on ATS because,judging by the comments here, i realized the trucks and trailers are completely different and of course the physics values too.Trying to make an american truck behave like an european one is not a good idea..so i will wait to somebody with real knowledge to show if it is possible to change the values safely.

      And about ETS.if you follow squirrel steps,and of course is a more serious player,the new physics are a gamechanger.Now i can feel the weight behind the truck,i can see the heavy trailer shifting its weight in corners,and the different axle configurations makes the truck behave as it should.Like in real life an 6x4 truck is harder to turn compared to a 4x2,so i'm learning to treat a very heavy cargo as it should,specially when making a corner after a traffic light,because the front of the truck lifts up just enough to relieve some of  the weight of the front wheels,reducing its grip  and making harder to fight the resistance of the traction axles...but anyway i will be extremely careful and try to avoid EU-2 at any costs lol

      If you guys want,i can make a simple video showing waht i said :)

      thanks everybody for the comments and help!!

    4. Mike Dragon
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