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  1. I honestly dont know,i never tried to make my trucks faster..i only tried to make them pull heavy loads and be more fuel efficient as possible. But well...i think you can try the well know formula of 730HP V8 and a gearbox with a shorter gear ratio. A small cab 4x2 setup can help as well(less weight) soo a old R or Streamline models can probably do the trick
  2. Steep slippey hill?Challange accepted
    Scania R480 4x2(diff lock on) and 34 tons of bad pl...i mean potatoes ehehehe



  3. guys im trying to download the mod but when i click on the green button "confirm download" it is redirecting me to AD websites and the download process dont continue..can somebody help me with that?
  4. Opa, feliz aniversário, man! =D

  5. People keep putting pressure on the mod team to release the update for the mod faster,but continues to complain when it comes with bugs.....its never enough huh?

  6. I have a G27 wheel with a shifter,i drive at 90KP/H all the time and i really enjoy every second of it.if i want to drive a truck like a maniac i will go straight to beamNg Speeding is a real issue..what's you think it will cause more damange:a truck going 180KM/H or one going at 90?People here cant predict anything or got any skill to drive fast.i lost cout of how many players overtuned their trucks because they tried to go 200km/h at a corner or ran a red light/stop sign and cause a massive crash. and yes the limiter is a tool to controll trolls and reckless people.
  7. If you want some challange go to the road from Bern to Torino.That road was my favorite before the Map dlc's came..There are some other nice roads in germany as well!
  8. How to transform diesel into noise:


  9. Containers,specially chamical/fuel.Light and profitable cargoes in short distances and a nice variety of models since SCS made different types of containers for different types chemicals,making each trip a bit different.
  10. I cant stand the AI on ATS... I was pulling a heavy double trailer going uphill with a Ai W900 with an EMPTY log trailer in front of me..and welp..he just slammed on the brakes going uphill,just to  simulate that it was pulling something heavy! Since i drive with a manual box i completely stalled.That was it for me.I'm waiting for the MP update lol

  11. The last of it's kind: Mercedes-Benz Atron



  12. I usually adjust the FOV just to see the left mirror and use the "virtual mirror"(F2) for the right one and,at the same time,be close enough to read all the instruments on the dash with no problems
  13. I have a other problem, i get a massive Error when I try to Launch TMP....Topic says : Connection Error - Retry?

    It says thet the Accesses to some Folders and other stuff were Restrictes or denied !!!


    What to doo...i canr join TMP :-( 

    1. Linciano


      Hey @SGTMarius :D Please try to start the Launcher as Administrator. If that doesn't work, restart your Pc and then start the Launcher as Administrator.

    2. SGTMarius


      I tried thet with the Admin thing but not to retart the Pc...Il try that to....!!

    3. SGTMarius


      @Linciano The retart did it, thx Bro 😄

  14. Welp...the mod updated and now i cant connect..says that i'm using a invalid version and i  need to reinstall the mod  😕 anybody else having this problem?


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