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  1. This is a video that i found today:Going down a long steep hill with failed engine brake in brazil. Volvo NH12


  2. EuroTeardown simulator 2012 :D



  3. My first Save-Edit on a truck..welp i think theres no way back now lol


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great save edit, that Magnum looks great 🥰:wub:

  4. Phoenix for sure! good variety of companies and any delivery from there can be very profitable mostly because that city is at the "bottom" of the map,and you will always se a good amount of players there.
  5. There's nothing like an classic scania engine...enjoy!


  6. BrunoPelogia

    Rd. Traffic

    I was in this traffic jam...took me 40 minutes to drive like 3 in-game miles lol
  7. no need to ask,just stay around the forums,theres aways somebody that creates a account and use google translate trying to justify their ban complaining how the moderator was unfair
  8. Sadly i'm not on the $5 level on patreon,so i cant use the skin.But i'm happy that more exciting things are coming in the future!
  9. I dont want anything new...just want a remaster of old truck models in-game(renault and iveco).That poor iveco stralis looks extremely outdated compared to the new stuff that thing looks like a melted scania,and this comes from an iveco fan lol
  10. My launcher dosent open,and when it does just pops out a huge error message.is anybody having the same problem?

  11. this situation is the same for any type of project(cars,games,etc...)the inital 99% can be done really fast,but the last 1% well...that can be the hardest more annoying thing you need to deal with,always little details that must be finished or the 99% will never work properly.
  12. Its believed that the TGX line will be discontinued in brazil,so man transfered the production to VW trucks which is part of the same group
  13. Volkswagen just announced their new line of trucks,the Meteor.its based on the MAN TGX with 460,520 or 540 HP.soo what do you guys think?
  14. IF the intersection is at the "corner" of said city,(meaning that part of it is blocked with XXXX) i would go trough.But if the intersection is fully acessible,i will stop,its almost an automatic thing for me to do.
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