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  1. I usually adjust the FOV just to see the left mirror and use the "virtual mirror"(F2) for the right one and,at the same time,be close enough to read all the instruments on the dash with no problems
  2. I have a other problem, i get a massive Error when I try to Launch TMP....Topic says : Connection Error - Retry?

    It says thet the Accesses to some Folders and other stuff were Restrictes or denied !!!


    What to doo...i canr join TMP :-( 

    1. Linciano


      Hey @SGTMarius :D Please try to start the Launcher as Administrator. If that doesn't work, restart your Pc and then start the Launcher as Administrator.

    2. SGTMarius


      I tried thet with the Admin thing but not to retart the Pc...Il try that to....!!

    3. SGTMarius


      @Linciano The retart did it, thx Bro 😄

  3. Welp...the mod updated and now i cant connect..says that i'm using a invalid version and i  need to reinstall the mod  😕 anybody else having this problem?


    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. NiGHTM4RE_87


      I'm in, great !!

    3. Raptoreagle1972


      im still getting this 


      ATSMP - Fatal Error 10_1_2019 10_49_42 AM.png

    4. Raptoreagle1972


      Any help would be great 


  4. Welp i never used ProMods so i have 2 questions: The mod will migrate completely to the ProMods map or it is going to be a separete server? And if migrates,do i have to start a profile from scratch or my curret save game can be used?
  5. From my experience damange on tires will only affect you after 5% and it is mostly on the fuel consumption side.So no need to worry at all,its completely normal.
  6. Loving the new Tuning DLC for mercedes!





  7. .I stricly follow speed limits,even the annoying 55mph in california.I understand what you are saying,on VTC's i think is a good idea,but how about players that dont participate in one? The biggest reason for the limits is because of that 1% os "players" that basically dont give a [email protected]$%# about rules or anybody playing.Sadly everybody has to suffer because of few selfish,arrogant people. About the 45mph speed limit..i think is good but the "city zones" need to be reworked to eliminate the problem of roads/interstates cutting through cities
  8. I really try to customize my trucks with a nice paintjob,fancy chrome wheels and lights all around,but there's something aboutJ-spec that i cant resist lol These are my latest creations: Volvo FH16 540 6x4..inclided a trailer with "faded" red paint and mismatch wheels on the second trailer. And my little premium(tha's about to reach 100,000 kilometers)
  9. A Delivery at the kenworth dealer at Seattle(Washington DLC).I really like that SCS is trying to make delivery ponits more unique and challeging.


  10. Since the last update on ATS and ETS 2 i started to see the second trailer on parked dubles in companies just float away,do you guys know why is that happening? is some kind of glitch on the mp mod?
  11. Cara,verifica nas opções do mod,só apertar TAB lá tem a opção de desligar/ligar o limitador,mas se vc pegar uma carga/contrato pelo World of Trucks, vc vai ficar limitado a 90KM/h ok!.POREM vc falou dos servidores limitados,aí não tem o q fazer
  12. The servers are filling up,whats happening is that the changes spreaded the players to more servers,you just cant take one server for reference...Sim 1 is not filling up because 1,000+ players migrated to Sim 2 and both arcade servers..just checked the amount now: Sim 1 3,297 Sim 2 0,740 ARc 1 0,371 ARc 2 0,062 total 4,470 players online(on ETS-2 only) and the peak hours ended already,And this is happens every day. The only people that i keep seeing complaining about the speed drives with no respect for the others around,have a clown-colored 8x4 scania/volvo pulling a 2 axle box trailer,got a mile of bad history for ramming and reckless driving...... I been playing since day one of this mod, and i'm honestly tired of begin rammed to death by a "speed demon" that believe that 30 ton trucks are racing cars...
  13. Well..if you think your job is crap and your life is miserable..i suggest you to re-think that lol


    1. Dr Hype

      Dr Hype

      Naah, I'm the money amn with 1m of real cash xD

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