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  1. People are saying "mistakes happen" yeah true,but 5 repetitive mistakes? come on.If you think that people that maneged to get perma benned are even thinking of coming back is naive at best.If you go to https://stats.truckersmp.com/ (bottom of the page)you can see a slow but constant drop in players,from 14,700 players in may 2021 down to 5,007 as up to 8th of may 2022(a SUNDAY!!!).Not mentioning patreon as well. Initially i though the playerbase was going to stablize after the hype for convoy mode died out,but later i realized that people are not coming back,meaning that they played tmp simply for the lack of another option. Staff hyped players multiple times(ai traffic for an example)just to cancel said project because of X or Y problems.They added a basically useless in-game report system that relies completely on the small team of moderators that cant keep up with the huge waves of reports forcing people to go to the website to make a report that can take days to be reviewed,meanwile the troll is happly ramming people into oblivion unharmed and i can imagine that motivation to play again can drop alot. ATS mp always had a much smaller player base,but that mp mode was always ignored,receiving less events and stuff like the random vehicles to drive,now is basically dead,with less that 200 players on the american server I stopped playing mp 2 months ago,simply because 90% of the players are now concetrated on trying to kill themselves around the cursed C-D road.The rest of the map is empty and dead there's is nothing else to do,specially in DLC areas.TMP lost players due to bans,promises not fulfilled and most importantly too slow of a response against SCS convoy mode. It hurts to say this kind of things but i had to.I played this mod since its first minutes(my ID is 171) so its really sad to see what is happening now.Allowing perma-banned players to come back is just another poor if not desparate decision.
  2. This genius tried to make a corner with his double trailer,but the only thing he achieved was get stuck on me,so he got mad and well.....
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