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  1. Well actually I go there quite a lot and it’s the road for me to go on if I want to travel from France to Germany (Since the base map highways are so dated). I admit it can be quite frustrating on occasions if you keep being hit into or trolled but somehow I believe it does prepare you for real life driving, as sometimes real life bad drivers are just as bad if not worse than those on EU2.
  2. 4 times more heavier?! I’m surprised it doesn’t have its own moon No wonder every time one crashes into me it feels like falling into a black hole
  3. Somehow I will like to talk about the bends in the game. I consider myself a sensible driver in the game, as I keep my speed limiter on (90 km/h) and try my best to keep to speed limits on different roads. However there is something concerning the road geometry that has caught my attention. If we look at the Germany base map (the not yet remade part of Germany - i.e. south Germany) we will find the very very old map that was built years ago that had a lot of unrealistic sharp bends that just didn't make sense on a three lane autobahn (even at 80 km/h - the speed limit of trucks on the German highway); I know that the map is supposed to be 1:20 scale but still it doesn't mean that there should be bends like that in the game. I remember that there are even bends in Switzerland that are so sharp there's almost no curvature to it. I thought that this was a problem concerning the old base map only but in the vive la france DLC I discover that sharp bends like this still exist. Somehow I believe that these bends should be smoothened out as it feels extremely unrealistic to me. Does anyone share the same thoughts or is it just me?
  4. Seriously I think very negatively of the Skoda. Somehow it has much greater acceleration than normal HGVs, but also much worse braking. It also weirdly and wrongly has the same mass (according to my observation) as the trucks, and thus in a collision between the truck and cars (which is very likely considering the way cars drive), it is usually the trucks that go flying. This makes the Skoda the perfect trolling tool for trolls or reckless drivers that perform ridiculous overtakes and cut back into the lane at the last minute by crashing into you. It makes me feel very nervous whenever one drives near me.
  5. Starting from south of Italy, crossing through the whole of France, through the C-D road then up to Kiel in Germany. Guess that'll be 2500 km and will set you back a few hours.
  6. Well I believe that turning on the hazards is a standard procedure that is actually used in real life. But another measure that I think is really useful is not to drive too fast in the first place. In the C-D road I find that for safety reasons it is always more secure to not go above 80 km/h and if you are traveling at that pace, there is almost always enough time for the person behind you to slow down and stop behind you.
  7. Just looked at the baltic DLC photos and wow it does look very good. The only perk is that to get to the baltics means that I have to drive through the Going East DLC first, and to be honest it is looking painfully dated. But I do hear that they will update going east after they finish Germany (correct me if I'm wrong) so that's great news.
  8. Nah, I don't think ETS 3 is something of priority. There are many DLCs coming to ETS 2 in the near future as well as many projects to improve ETS 2 (such as rebuilding Germany) which implies ETS 2 is still going to stay for quite a long time. It's the same way how rainbow six is released like 3-4 years ago and now it's still been updated.
  9. Ok I think what we’re trying to say is that it isn’t a matter of wealth, but a matter of choice whether you decide to pimp your truck or not. We shouldn’t judge aesthetic choices of others as it’s a subjective thing, but again let’s just say that it’s more about choice over wealth. I mean yes if you really are poor then you probably can’t afford to equip painted mirrors or have custom tailights but just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you have to start adding chrome rims and chrome grills. Some people find tuned trucks exotic and that’s fine, but there’s also another group of people who find stock trucks appealing as well and that’s also absolutely fine. We shouldn’t say that chrome parts ruin looks or plastic parts are symbols of poverty, instead perhaps we should just try to respect the choices of others I guess. It’s just like some people like to tune cars and some don’t. There’s no need to diss one choice over the other.
  10. Well I guess I’m going to break down my experience into parts: Speed and driving style I guess it’s more about driving defensely? I drive with my speed limiter on all the time so I make sure I never go above 90, which in my opinion gives me the chance to read the road ahead. Oh, and also just never overtake since it almost never ends well (just look at all the YouTube videos). There’s also the basic stuff of leaving distance between you and the truck in front and also following traffic signals. Your emotions while driving Now this is harder to explain, but what I do is that I do my best not to get angry under all circumstances, and yield as much as I can at junctions, queues etc, even if they are in the wrong (cutting queues, inappropriate overtakes, etc). Being passive in a way protects yourself from crashes that result from aggressive driving, because you refuse to be aggressive. There’s no need to fight with him on the road as that will just harm yourself, if you really want to condemn him for his actions just report him, one day he’ll get his lesson. It’s also important to keep your calm when you are being honked at (I know the air horns are extremely alarming and loud), as long as you are sure of what you are doing. Sometimes people were honked at when they are yielding to others at junctions (usually the one just outside Calais), and under the pressure of the horns they move and immediately get hit by traffic, while the kids that were honking get away unscathed. So there’s no reason why you need to pay for his impatience. Identification of other drivers’ driving styles Now this made seem a bit unscientific but in my case it usually works, and it’s about determining what sort of a driver that player is by observing the truck he drives, which is a bit like using stereotypes, but it’s extremely accurate in cases. If you see a bright pink FH16 750 with lights all over it coupled with a bright pink livestock trailer, chances are the driver is going to overtake you at 150 km/h before flipping over at the next bend. Similarly, if you see one of those trucks that have a Renault premium cabin but with a chassis from a Scania S730, just pay attention since his driving is likely quite extravagant. Do also pay attention to car drivers in general, since well... you know :/ Hope this helps
  11. My beloved Actros 1845 with plastic bumpers Not even gigaspace just Bigspace cabin with standard interior
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