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  1. I mean, it's always good to have more active stations willing to contribute the community, just try to find a Unique angle, ya?
  2. I'm looking for a new profile banner picture. 


    Anyone got any good captures in-game?

  3. When I see people dig into their own pocket to buy DLC's for giveaways and prizes, it reminds me how strong this community really is. I love watching people here help others. 



  4. 不少人来到论坛,只是不多人评论。
  5. @T.Rucker @Total EDM @[TW-WHD]-Court For the sake of clarity, I will translate this thread for both parties. (: 为了清楚起见,我将为双方翻译这个帖子。 (: Translation: I can access the website with my account password. However, the game will not except my password. I hope Truckers MP officials can handle it. 翻译: 你好,也许你可以按照这个链接的步骤。 Note from myself: @[TW-WHD]-Court, If you would like me to Translate the steps on the link provided by @Soul Knight, I am more than happy to for you. 翻译: 如果你想让我翻译用户提供的链接上的步骤:Soul Knight,我非常乐意为你服务。
  6. I'm loving all the support pride is receiving at the moment. 

    1. IpilkAlaus


      Yup. Spread the love <3

  7. Submit a report ticket if its regarding another player, Submit a ban appeal if its regarding a ban, Post your issue in the support forums if its a technical issue. =Then the staff and Admins will come and find you.
  8. 1。转到http://Truckersmp.com,并在右上角登录。 2。 在“My Account”菜单上点击“Appeal Ban” 3。在这一页,你会看到你现在的禁令,如果被禁止的话。在右手边,你可以看到文本“Appeal this Ban” 4。请解释为什么你不应该被禁止,包括发生了什么以及为什么会发生。然后单击提交。 5。等待管理员响应 如果你不能创建上诉,这意味着你并不是被禁止的。请参阅下面的屏幕截图。
  9. We should get together and play sometime!

  10. It's nice when a person considers you. It's unbelievable when a company does it, when a company thinks about you, designs something for you. All of a sudden, you're not the person on the outside. I strongly believe that this should be implemented. Making a game accessible to everyone should be a priority for anyone with the capability to contribute in even the smallest of ways.
  11. I think it will allow the Moderators to float freely and help whichever platform they're currently on. Be it Discord or the Forums, if they see something that violates community standards, it will be much easier to sort. I like this idea alot.
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