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  1. 1。转到,并在右上角登录。 2。 在“My Account”菜单上点击“Appeal Ban” 3。在这一页,你会看到你现在的禁令,如果被禁止的话。在右手边,你可以看到文本“Appeal this Ban” 4。请解释为什么你不应该被禁止,包括发生了什么以及为什么会发生。然后单击提交。 5。等待管理员响应 如果你不能创建上诉,这意味着你并不是被禁止的。请参阅下面的屏幕截图。
  2. Solar transport | Now hiring

    No problem, best of luck!
  3. Solar transport | Now hiring

    It's telling me the Discord Invite is invalid.
  4. I think it was a fairly small but necessary update. One of many more to come I hope.
  5. It's nice when a person considers you. It's unbelievable when a company does it, when a company thinks about you, designs something for you. All of a sudden, you're not the person on the outside. I strongly believe that this should be implemented. Making a game accessible to everyone should be a priority for anyone with the capability to contribute in even the smallest of ways.
  6. Community Moderator Team (CMT)

    I think it will allow the Moderators to float freely and help whichever platform they're currently on. Be it Discord or the Forums, if they see something that violates community standards, it will be much easier to sort. I like this idea alot.
  7. Released

    Keep up the brilliant work!
  8. What do you use to record gameplay?

    I've just downloaded and started The fact it starts recording the moment you play a game automatically is incredibly useful. It means I always have a dash cam, even if I forget to turn it on.
  9. @naeemeshu, You can submit an official report here:
  10. Killua's Photos :)

    I agree with @Ross! I love checking out some of these images. I just wish I was creative enough to take some of my own aha.
  11. Optional local AI Traffic restricted to empty map sectors

    I love the idea of something like this, it would make driving alone on empty roads a little more interesting. However, the lag this would produce on a mass scale is enormous, I just don't see how this would be beneficial for the multiplayer experience.
  12. I don't fancy trying to play Forza Motorsport or Grand Turismo on a Trucking Simulator, especially on a single carriage road. -1. Best thing to do is just to avoid the road altogether if you don't like the traffic.
  13. Ok, here's a new game. Describe Truck Simulator Multiplayer with a single image. You cant use any words or say anything about it. Pictures only! I'll start.