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  1. problem solved , after I redownload the game and the launcher .
  2. HI @DepperitoR I really appreciate your help , problem solved . thanks again and happy Sunday .
  3. @DepperitoR sorry for answering late , i had exam I tried every thing and its still the same the launcher still doesn't run the game by the way its only ets2 doesn't run ats is normally running .
  4. thx for asking , no i still have the same problem
  5. hi again @DepperitoR I did the first & the second solutions now and i redownloaded the launcher , when I try to launch the game this warning appears... what should i do next?
  6. Hi , i'd like to inform you about a problem happend in the game after the last the last update , my game suddenly start glitching and the screen get black all i see is the dashboard , i have a video of it idk how to send it to you . am waiting for a solution to this problem . thanks in advance. if u need a video contact me.
  7. my playing time is 430 hours and the finished Contracts are 325 and last thing he counts its a contract i did from 100+ days i dont know y my TMP account like that who know what is the problem ?
  8. a_s_42


    Yes a big internet connection issue but just in the ets2 & ats my playing time of this game is 300+ hours i was playing (wot ) every day without any problems thx
  9. a_s_42


    Every single time i want to play ets2 or ats after I chose the server he start loading forever y ?idk !
  10. Enable two factor authentication whats he want I don’t understand anything
  11. yes it is thank u so much
  12. I bought ATS from a month I have ets2 the proplem is every time I want to go online he told me to register my account when I go to register my account he told me that will take at least 5 min am waiting from a month and he every single time I register the account their is nothing happen please need a solution cause I got tired and I try a lot of way
  13. hi, I want to know if the multiplayer mod can work with the new version in the future .
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