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  1. I downloaded the free option and it took 45 mins in total. Just wait a couple of mins after starting file 1 then start 2. You can always have 2 downloads going just make sure you wait a couple of mins after one finishes and make sure you don't have multiple download windows open. If you cant do it the price is very fair for the fast download considering the amount of content it adds to the game. Taking in to account that for this mod to work you need all the dlc's and if you got the money to have all dlc's you can afford 86p for a dlc that will add 1000x the content.
  2. TommyFresh

    TMP Promods

    Looking forward to Iceland but everywhere really. Anywhere that has a nice scenic backdrop to watch replay roll it will do me.
  3. Turn it off pretty much straight away as default channel is basically just Turkish discord. Push to talk doesn't seem to work for me either. Tried pressing X nothing happens, I've never changed the key bind and cannot find anywhere to change the key bind.
  4. I normally use the ets2 live map to find friends when I'm playing but I noticed the last couple of days it no longer shows me player positions. I tried on 3 different browsers all had the same issue. Has this feature been removed or is it just a bug that needs fixed?
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