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  4. Suggestion Name: Add-ons for old's Scania Streamline/R2012 Suggestion Description: Add some RJL's Scanias mods into the MP game to original truck. Remember, its not to add the FULL mod of RJL (exemple of modder) Scanias, but just to add some new chassis, for exemple, the long chassis to old Streamline and R2012, low bumpers... The original Streamline and R its ''abandoned'' by SCS in case of customization... The Next Gen its beautiful but the old versions from Scania its outdated... If the MP can add a Car with a Caravan, i think it is not difficult to add this mod, which in this case it would be ''light mod'' for the server. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: The old Scania's would look nice again for all players.
  5. Allow double trailers all EU on Europe4 server

    Good idea, NCZ in my mind its just 4fun, and take some Double Trailers and cross over all Europe just to ride with them its very nice.. I would like to experience this..
  6. Together we drive!