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  1. wolG

    How to proceed when rammed.

    Waist of time... Today some kid, to young to own a licence or any on the road expirience, was trying to teach how to drive. He start from long horn signal, when I was just after a crash with my emergency lights on. Not even notice my lights and a 3 becons! You can produce hundrets of topics like that on a forum but this is pointles, till moderators will not start do serious police work. 1st - longer term bans! Taking a time and reporting a players, just to give a guy ban for 4 days in pointles imo. Bans should be much longer, 7days min. especially on a simulation aimed servers.
  2. wolG

    How many reports you guys have on the website?

    3 reports. It took me few hours to learn how to do it. Than about 45 min for editing and uploading videos. Every ban was for less than 5 days... so what's the point? I give up. Waist of time.
  3. wolG

    Why Is Europe 2 The Busiest Server?

    Because more Players. So what's the exactly speed limit on EU2? I can get faster than 90km/h (and 150km/h without cargo) but then some other players are passing by much faster. Is it max speed related to my level?
  4. wolG

    Now 4000 Player Capability in Europe 2 Server.

    8000 in the next year?