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  1. The Calais area i think it's more populed than Duisburg because Calais it's bigger
  2. I was in the city on experimental beta 1.35, I like it because i love italy and that's is a nice update
  3. that's a very nice Truck DLC. I think that's better than the Scania DLC
  4. I would like Skoda Octavia 2005, i have this car in real life and it's a good one and nice!
  5. For me Italy is better then other countries, because there is so beautiful
  6. My favourite city is Mannheim, because i live there and it's enough big to walk!
  7. I do not think he's going to get him out because this is a simulator
  8. This month will be one year, and I have 1100 hours in one year:)
  9. I play 4 hours on Mp every day, because I have school.
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