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  1. Game Hang ( Non - Collisions )

    My problem is still on. But i have seen a thing when i was use my SIM Card Data by using USB Cable, Then it is solve but when i again use broadband then again face this problem so now i am always using VPN & record my full gameplay for evidence
  2. Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday Sir
  3. Game Hang ( Non - Collisions )

    Sorry Not Working....
  4. Game Hang ( Non - Collisions )

    I did this method but still have this problem..........If i will fixed, then off course i will share the solution.. Thanks
  5. Game Hang ( Non - Collisions )

    Hello, From the start time (When i was started to playing MP) I have face a problem & i was opened support ticket but after the solution it's not solved. Problem: ------------------- When i was drive Europe Server 2 the after some time it goes to NON-Collision Like the below video. But When I use any VPN network then its working fine. https://streamable.com/bezzm [N:B] This is not not only my problem. Some player also have this problem & get banned permanently. My Question is -->>>> Is that a Truckersmp Service Problem or Its a connection problem? My Config: ------------------- MotherBoard : Gigabyte H110-S2PV DDR3 Processor : Intel|(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz RAM : Team Elite 8GB DDR3 1600 BUS Hard Disk Drive : Toshiba 1.0TB Power Supply : Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 5 GPU : MSI Geforce GTX 1050TI 4G OC Gaming X [N:B] Sorry For My Bad English
  6. Together we drive!

    Good Idea..
  7. How many reports you guys have on the website?

    13 reports all are come from Calais, Duisburg