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  1. update i reinstalled ATS mp steam did 2 downloads for ATS a 600mb one and a 11mb one i think now im getting 'unsupported game version detected expected version {rev. b33804cd2d20} You have' i have checked forum and it says select the Beta that is supported but i can not see one that matches Thanks Unjust
  2. Hi Peeps i did as suggested and got a 552 error. Made a cuppa Tea tried again and now its connecting and all is ok it seems. Many thanks to all that replied. Unjust Edit Hmm now i cant connect again when clicking ATS MP it says 'can not create game process'.. If i click the ETS mp it connects and i can play but not ATS mp.(i run as admin) Can any one help with my latest problem please Many thanks Unjust
  3. Hi I have tried to join the EU mp server but i am getting this error "Incorrect data returned from the online service. If HTTP proxy is in use check the configuration or try later" I have tried a few times and it gives me the same message, can any one help me please? Many thanks Unjust
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