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  1. SalihReyzz

    TruckersMP - Başvuru Gereksinimleri

    Beni bilgilendirdiğin için teşekkür ederim.
  2. SalihReyzz

    How to share paintjob colors [GUIDE]

    I can give you some information on this. First of all, if you want to use any thyr, you should do the modification of the truck. And do the settings that you use on that track. Then share it by making it a save. Everybody's got the same tires and the same settings. If the information worked, I'd be happy. GOOD GAMES
  3. SalihReyzz

    How to tell if a mod is allowed in TruckersMP

    I have come across such incidents quite a bit but I can not do much because I do not have the authority to vote. But I'm trying to help TRUCKERSMP as soon as I can. GOOD GAMES
  4. SalihReyzz

    American ATS Server

    Some servers may be in maintenance. So you can play your game on other servers. It opens at the nearest time on the server. GOOD GAMES
  5. SalihReyzz

    We need to make Real world and Game world clear!!

    It's better to be like this because it's a truck game.
  6. SalihReyzz

    Nasıl rütbe atlarım?

    Öff ya başvurum reddedilmiş.
  7. SalihReyzz

    Nasıl rütbe atlarım?

    selam, ben daha burada yeniyim rütbe atlamak için ne yapmam gerek başvuru yaptım