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  1. hello world, I apologize for not being able to remember you just do not know what to do to solve this problem! so I know it's legal to go on a MP with a colorful trailer, I've looked at a tutorial, and I've fixed what she said there, but in quicksave or salvage / load I give in Japanese letters (as you can see in the picture), the idea is that I have reinstated the game twice and it still does not work! Can this problem solve boys? I really need help! Thanks and a good day I wish you!
  2. greeting dear drivers and staff members! I would have a brief question. is the function of V.I.P in the staff trukers mp? if I wanted to donate to be V.I.P! Thank you and I wish you good roads!

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    2. **$cOrPiOn**


      So if you donate $ 100 as a function can kick or ban? that donate and more would not be a problem!

    3. DJ ccowie

      DJ ccowie

      Hey there, I am not so sure what you are saying above.

      If I understand correctly, donating money to be unbanned is not going to work.


    4. **$cOrPiOn**


      I have a short question. For example, if I have a 3 8100 processor, a good 8 gb ram and I'm going to get a 1060 6 GB and will help the community reporting trolleys will be likely to apply for the staff? I really want to help this wonderful family of trukers mp and I do not know how to do it!

  3. hello colleagues, I have a problem with the launcher from ets 2 sqm, even if I open it as administrator does not let me, I want to mention that I have reinstalled and multiplaieru and so I give it. can anyone help me solve this problem? thanks and good roads!

    Capture 4.PNG

    1. weezy


      Open Task Manager and check if ATS is running in the background if so close it and start the Launcher again.

  4. Dear colleagues, the community Romania Elit will welcome you and wish you good roads wherever you are . Photo : ZckiBOh.jpg znyz0N3.jpg

  5. Hello Song , I have a problem, when I want to open the images do not let me and give me that error with 404 and I'm not going to open the pictures. you could be nice to make a clip that it would be simpler or to give a link to pictures that the images you put them can not see them. Thank you
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