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  1. Congratulations! Your dream became true! (Gratulálok 🙂 )

    1. ChristmarDK


      Thank you ❤️ Kosznonom Szepen! 🇩🇰🇭🇺

  2. Hi, This is called instant charging or something like that. You can't do anything about that, this is how Patreon works. If you don't want to pay 5$ for 9 days, then just wait until next month. Kind regards, LogRol
  3. Hello, Unfortunately, there is no way like that. Since TruckersMP is an addon not affilated with SCS directly, there is no way playing with TruckersMP in a cloud gaming setup. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  4. Hello, Everything is perfectly alright. If you check the report system load, it is currently on VERY HIGH, which means that there is increased time when handling these reports. I think even you might have to wait 2 weeks before your reports get dealt with. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  5. LogRol

    Ban Amnesty

    Hello, "All bans" in this phrase is definitly incorrect. It depends on what was the reason: ban evading and history permanent bans were only removed. I cannot see your ban history as it is private, but most likely, you have been banned due to hacking or something else I beleive, and those bans are not being removed. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  6. Hello, The CD road is the Calais-Duisburg road which is between Calais and Duisburg: Be careful driving here as there is often trolls who intentionally break the rules and I would strongly advise you to at least record your driving session when driving on this road. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  7. Hello, There are many recording programs which are really useful and customizeable, however, the one which doesn't really use way too much I think is the built in. If you have an NVIDIA card, I recommend trying the built in recorder (Shadowplay), it also has an option that for example it records the previous 1 minute, and whenever you press a key(combination) that 1 minute will be saved (for example when a collision occured). Few years ago I had an AMD video card and the built in recorder wasn't even working, maybe it is fixed now, but I don't have good experience with that. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  8. Hello, Since you currently have 0 active bans, according to the rules, your next ban would be upon the game moderator discretion, so no worries, but even simple, follow the rules and don't get a ban Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  9. Hello, Here, on the forum nobody can change your name. However, after reading it looks like something might be wrong on TruckersMP's side. If you create a support ticket, they'll be able to change your name or help you about account credentials and get this working for you. The support team is present here, but they can only give you specific advice, since everything is public. However, in a ticket they can help you. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  10. Üdv a TruckersMP csapatban 🙂

    1. domonkos101


      Köszönööm szépen ❤️

  11. Hello, Some advanced applications use the game's SDK in order to gain some information. I'm sure that if you installed for example Trucky, TrucksBook or something like that this message will appear. There is nothing wrong with your game. Unfortunately there is no way to make that disappear, you have to click on the OK button and after that everything should be perfectly normal. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  12. Hi, According to the blog, player's permanent ban will be revoked which was issued due to ban evading, although it is mentioned that in some cases the ban will stay. Not sure when they remove these bans, it wasn't mentioned anywhere. Kind Regards, LogRol
  13. Hello, Generally speaking after a few reports I've done myself and analyzed every situation, this is simply not enough for TruckersMP to make sure that this was hacking. Indeed it looks like the player went straight on like nothing had happened after the accident, but this is simply not enough. Although, since the player was going in the wrong way and also colliding with you, they got the ban for §2.2, §2.4, §2.5 ● Collisions, Incorrect Way, Reckless Driving, most likely. Note: these are only my opinion(s) as a player, the final word is always made by a TruckersMP Staff member. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  14. Hello, The short answer is no: you don't have any chance to have a ban evading ban to be revoked. You will be permanently banned for the rest of your life, there is no chance to remove that ban. That is the exact reason why it is called "PERMANENT" ban. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
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