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  1. In this Post I,m going to give you tips on driving from my Experience on Truckersmp. Just to see where I,m coming From, I have over 4 years worth of driving On Truckersmp with no bans with the Tips i use So now i,m going to tell you. I mostly drive the Skoda which has over 140k Km on it and my truck i believe has 7k Km on it. i https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1525284063 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1525283975 So the First Tip: Never Drive a Speed that you feel Uncomfortable at ( Especially for the new Players ) Drive a Speed that you feel Comfortable with. I feel comfortable doing 120km Plus Cruise Control as long as traffic Conditions stay low . 2nd Tip: If someone is passing you, Never Never speed up, Just Coast until the person has passed or press the breaks to let them pass. 3rd Tip: Never get road rage, I have seen so many times people rage and drive like they are high on drugs, Never rage If the person broke the rules Just report Via in game or website 4th Tip: Always be Ready to make a Emergency maneuver to Avoid a accident , Never Never Swerve into oncoming lanes unless you know there no people coming oncoming lanes and its the only option. Just Swerve into the grass, When you do Get on the grass be ready to Counteract a Side if your vehicle starts siding. 5th Tip: Always be Alert, Never look away from the road Especially on CB road where a Accident can happen Within 2 seconds 6Th tip: If you your a Accident and your at Fault, Just admit your at Fault if your truthful you mostly likely won.t be banned/kick depending on the severity. I only been in two Accidents that were my Fault, One was a Minor Fender bender. My 2nd accident was a little more Severe I was on Cb road and i look away from the road for one 1 second ( This is when i was somewhat new ) And I cause a 3 vehicle pile up, But sense I Own up and showed Accountability I just got a Slap on the wrist by the admin ( Also the admin said my record was clean as well and still is to this day ) I never got banned because i owned up to it. So if your in a Accident and its your Fault just own up to it, That will either get you less ban time or a slap on the wrist like I did. 7th Tip: Give new players Benefit of the doubt We all been there, We were all rookies Once. Now if the player is trying to Causing damage on purpose Then i don.t care what you say. I remember when i hit the roads for the first time. I was on keyboard at the time but i was damm good at driving with a keyboard, Never had a Accident with a keyboard, That 3 vehicle pile i said about that was when on switched to controller now, Now on Current day i,m using a Thrustmaster steering wheel . 8Th Tip: Never try to skip traffic, I Remember so many people passing me to skip traffic Then crash and i pass him with Excitement. 9Th tip: This is with Tip 3. If someone makes you mad Never go and get Revenge, Karma Will get to them, I have seen a lot of Instant Karma in my years of driveing. Thats all that I have, If you have anymore Tips post down below, See you on the road Your Friend: The Skoda Driver
  2. joschac2

    Hot topic #4: CB

    I always have my Cb radio on channel 6 because no one is on it
  3. In the last update the Cars,s Transmission is screwed. So you need to tap the gas to change the gear no matter if your in a automatic or manual transmission Just tap the gas between 400 and 600 RPM
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