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  1. Should there be two files and 2 folders? I have data and licences folder and core_ets2mp.dll file. And I can't install 5th solution as I have newer version installed.
  2. Both answers didn't fix the problem. The -homedir method did change one thing: my graphics settings are no longer reset after each crash
  3. So after opening TruckersMP launcher and clicking "Launch ETS2", my screen goes to black screen for about 0,5 seconds and I get the crash error window. It ONLY happens when I have previously opened game through steam with OpenGL launch option. If I use DirectX11, I can play SP and MP normally. But choosing OpenGL lets me play SP, but MP crashes instantly. Whats strange is that when game crashes and I go to SP with OpenGL or DirectX, all my graphics settings are set to lowest/default. No other settings like sound,controls, gameplay etc. have been altered. I have high end PC: i7-9700K, GTX 1080Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and HDD. All drivers up to date, windows up to date, have verified the steam files. I don't know if this is useful clue, but I seem to not be able to access Nvidia game filter in OpenGL I am still able to play the game normally with DirectX, but OpenGL seems smoother for me with extra 10/15 frames compared to DirectX. Not the end of the world but would rather get all the performance from the game if possible.
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