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  1. MP will be hop'n when the update comes out. Cant wait :D


    1. BlackSkill


      Nice Truck ;) 

  2. A typical busy day on ATS MP...


  3. I see ATS is getting the norm from the TMP devs. To bad il have to contribute only in SP. :( And dont say squat, ETS got the Krone Event Update with in hours. Just sayin.

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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      Jesus Christ guys. Grow up a bit.


      You are treating ETS2 and ATS as if they are children and that a mother is treating one better than the other. 


      This is incorrect, the Devs are real people and have their own lives, this project (TMP) is voluntary and it’s theirs (The Devs), so they get to choose what happens with it.


      Im sure the update will come, I will make sure the Team are aware of this.


      Remember to play nicely :) Enjoy the game (remember it’s a game)


      Happy Trucking,


    3. bryangullickson


      @El1teZombiezHD the thing is they're right ETS2 Krone event came out within a few hours TMP was updated to support it this ATS event comes out Crickets no update nothing from the devs and we all get the obligatory response of downgrade your game and just do freight loads while you wait from the other staff or if you want to do the event do it in single player so as per usual ATS gets the cold shoulder where if this would have been another Ets2 event the devs would have been all over it updating to make sure it works perfectly.

    4. El1teZombiezHD


      There is a much bigger player base for ETS2 which may mean that it gets worked on faster, I don’t know, and I highly doubt this fact.


      Updates will come when Devs are able to. Let me give a few factors in which may have led the Krone Update to be included quickly: Time it was released (Afternoon / Evening in EU), day it was released (Weekend), real life events (family, life, college).


      Bare in mind that there is only 1 Developer that actively adds code and maintains the game clients.