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  1. yes but I wanna know if it is possible to save edit the trailer I want, and If it is if someone could possibly do it for me
  2. Hi, recently i started searching for save editing and I like it, and I have an perfect combination on my head that, is legal on truckers Mp servers, its basically a scania small trailer in fornt and the low bed for 2 scanias as shown on this video I really liked this combination and I would like to know if it is possible, I aprecciate al the help
  3. MAyday thank you very much i downloaded the mod agian and it worked thank you very much. IT worked i am gonna see in MP but im happy just because works on singleplayer
  4. ok thx when you solve it please mesage me
  5. I tried to sleep and move to another garage , my mods is MPTRAILER thx for the help you are giving to me bro
  6. i cant upload a screenshot because is too big, do you have an instagram so I can send you a video?
  7. I downloaded this mod two times did the same that you did in the screenshot and when i got to the game without any mod of trailer just the mod of the trailer i dont have any cargo and the companies dont have a name or even an cargo please help me
  8. i have seened many many times in truckersmp server guys with painted trailers.I wanted to have one too but i installed AND i saved the game with the trailer in my truck in hotel SP. But when i did go to multiplayer the game crashed tryed other save (without trailer) and it worked (did not have the fatal crash) can someone help me with painted trailers i wanted so much to have one ... I almost quited TruckersMP for a while because of the frustration of not getting a painted trailer I aprecciate all the helps Have good trucking
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