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    1. Mirrland
    2. Reaper_of_death1981


      Prove to me I am in the wrong with the current rules

      §4 - Forum only rules


      §4.1 No off-topic posting

      You may not post replies not relevant to the topic or previous posts on the topic.


      §4.2 No bumping threads more than once every 3 days, or unnecessarily

      You can only post to bump a topic once every 3 days. In addition, you are not allowed to bump topics unnecessarily, for example, you are not allowed to bump your VTC topic unless the post adds content to the topic.


      §4.3 Use descriptive titles

      Do not use titles such as "Help me", instead try to describe the content of the topic.


      §4.4 No reputation farming

      Do not use other accounts to upvote your own posts, "farming" likes or upvotes.


      §4.5 No trading or selling

      You are not allowed to use this forum to trade/sell goods, Steam accounts or any other services (e.g. services which require subscription payment, TS3 servers, VPNs, PTC, Gambling sites and so on). This does not include official game store pages and free unused game keys.


      §4.6 Signatures

      Max Height: 150px (Any height excess of 150px will be hidden automatically).

      Max Filesize: 150kb total download.

      §4.7 Animations

      Blinking or flashing GIFs as avatar or signature are not allowed.

      Moving GIFs or animations are allowed.

      §4.8 Category use/purpose

      A description of the intended purpose or use of a forum category can be found in the category description. Any topic that does not follow this can be moved, and even hidden or deleted. In case of users frequently posting in the wrong category, a verbal warning or even a warning point can be issued. Any category on the forum can have specific rules or requirements that only apply to that category. When this applies, information will be given in either the category description, above the category content or in a pinned topic in the category. Sub categories have the same category-specific rules and requirements as the parent category unless otherwise specified. For example, the ETS2MP bug reports category has the same rules as the general Bug report section. When a category has a specified format, using this format is required unless otherwise specified. Formats are given in the same way as category-specific rules. In a category with strict moderation, any off-topic posts will be given a warning point, without verbal warnings prior. This is to ensure the quality of the information found in certain sections. These sections are identified with a [STRICT MODERATION] tag in the section description.


      §4.9 Translating replies

      Using Google Translate or other translating services to participate in conversations in language sections is not allowed.


      §4.10 Backseat moderating

      It is the job of our Forum Moderators to seek out and identify offences made while they are managing the forums, please report a post if you come across an offense.

      @Will [UK] I would like to know that as well considering how many other members of this community have stuff like this as a banner not to mention images of game patrol cars and they are not told to take it down. So I have decided to bring out the rules and have asked him to prove to me where it says in the rules I am not allowed to have this banner. With all the people who have visited my profile today which some have even been staff and not one has said anything. Therefore my case on this is closed and my answer is final. I am in correct terms with the rules set fourth by the community and therefore this banner remains in place. 
      Request to be locked

    3. Abyssal45611


      I was told by Prototype that you can't use the logo as an avatar or banner  because I was using it when I first joined and he removed them off my account, I'm just speaking of experience 

      Also here, 


      §4.10 Backseat moderating

      It is the job of our Forum Moderators to seek out and identify offences made while they are managing the forums, please report a post if you come across an offense.


      You've come to my channel telling me I'm wrong when you should have just reported the post.....just sayin

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