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  1. Personally not had issues with either relive or OBS. Although started to use OBS over the GPU because of some issues but it would depend on your system. Either way though, using them does not affect performance in game. Just a case of record for a set amount of time so that you dont have a not so much large file, just uber long that requires you to cut down the clips
  2. Be interesting to see just how many people use the C-D road vs every other road on the map. You say it's been reduced for simulation purposes but the people on that road aren't playing the game for the simulation, I'd present the view that the vast majority ( if not all ) are there for the crashes and to watch people do stupid stuff. Why else would you gladly sit on the road into duisburg without taking the alternate route in?
  3. Zero bans and I dislike the speed restriction ( are you able to provide evidence regarding the ban quote as I'm sure there are multiple people who have not had multiple bans but have voice their displeasure regarding the change ). I've attempted to find but been unable to; Why make a speed restriction on the main server but have arcade servers with no restriction in place? Wasn't this the case that it was the other way round? ( could be wrong but like I say, I've looked around for an answer to my question and thought this might be the better place to be pointed where the answer lies ) Started out in Duisberg, went along the main road just passed the rail road tracks on my way to Calais, parked up and came off. Very boring to play along with nothing actually happening. The game for me was fun before the speed change, it's what's been the allure to make me play and enjoy watching the mad moments from comp videos on youtube. It's funny regardless of if it happens to me or other people. Flying trucks, cars being flipped upside down. Now it's literally single player with more traffic that isn't quite as bad in some parts as the AI but just as boring.
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