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  1. "THE ROAD TO SIMULATION!" - How can you guys stick by this and expect no one to speak up? How on earth do you guys roll around screaming THE ROAD TO SIMULATION when there are still CARS IN A TRUCK SIMULATOR! You guys cant bend the rules to suit yourself, that's A. Not Fair & B. BIASED as hell! My biggest argument with your really dumb solution is why is there still cars? If you want to push simulation and realism like you all so reckon then the first step would be to remove the cars from a "TRUCK SIMULATOR", you are literally contradicting yourselves with all this in 1 fowl swoop. How can you try to address the simulation side when there are still cars? "Trolls will just get in trucks", isn't that what you introduced the limiter for? So there is no need for cars anymore? TMP NEED TO GET IN GAME AND MONITOR INSTEAD OF SITTING AT PHOENIX THROWING ADMIN CARDS AROUND! TMP is just BIASED, admit it..
  2. Do you actually play ATS? You literally just said ATS is just not as popular as ETS, so why fiddle with it? Why try to "fix" something that isn't broken? There is no need to change it at all, instead of people worrying about other people and "what could happen", why don't TMP worry about "WHAT IS HAPPENING" and monitor it? Remove the bloody cars, that would be a great start! and to your other comment, "ATS Arcade will be coming soon" why is that not already here? Why has it got to this point and 50% of your ATS playerbase to crack it before you all put your tails between your legs and tell us your releasing one? BIASED! It should have already been added as soon as you changed the servers around. TMP really need to start thinking about the long run because the way I see it, its the TMP ADMINS that are only going to ruin it for themselves. What ever happened to "We listen to our community!" xD What a joke that was haha.
  3. The road to simulation.... if that's the case, remove ETS Arcade Server then... whats the point in favouring 1 game over another? This new phase of TMP should be called, The Road to Emptiness... TMP know as well as I do that the playerbase isn't even enough for ATS but now, haha but now, you want to restrict it even further. Is TMP being BIASED and wanting everyone on ETS or is there just something they are trying to completely ruin here on ATS?
  4. I would like to see all vehicles in the game be buyable or at least useable to some degree, would make for an interesting drive. +1
  5. This would be such a great addition to MP, make things simple!
  6. Answered perfectly! Thankyou!
  7. Hi, I have just become aware that on my Forum Profile is says I am in a company I am no longer in. Is there a way to change it as I have looked and cannot find an option or solution. Thankyou in advance.
  8. Save editing isn't a hard concept to learn but it all takes time and patience, if you are in a rush then save editing is 100% not for you, sometimes, stuff goes wrong and its up to you to figure out what is wrong and why it went wrong to begin with. But again, if you have patience and can become quite a benefit. I am happy to teach certain people who have the time, its not something you can learn in 5 minutes.
  9. Thanks so much man, ETS2 was running right in the background and didn't notice it at first. Everything is fine and working and updated! Cheers again! TOPIC SOLVED ADMIN!
  10. So when I open the client launcher its telling me instantly there is an issue somewhere. Can anyone help as I am not sure what to do, I have reinstalled the client and no change. Picture provided.
  11. Hello, Sorry, I am a little confused, it does this on any profile I have in ETS2, no matter which profile I load or it still auto accelerates, changing the controls on the specific profile wont make it change on my other one, that's what I am getting at, I don't understand how it has linked the throttle slightly as I thought changing profiles would stop it. It only happens on ETS2, if I log into ATS it is fine, starts normal and drives normal. Its only when I load ETS2 and start the truck that is starts rolling away, as far as im aware it has nothing to do with the linked said profile, for me its a game setting or issue, I am just unsure of which one
  12. Hi, my truck has recently starting holding about 1000 rpm, I am sure it did not do this before but now I cannot maintain a constant speed, it is only slightly but it is constantly accelerating and its now starting to affect the ability to have a safe journey. As soon as I start my truck and put it in gear it starts rolling, if I do not hold the brake constantly or put it in Neutral then I will roll away and start picking up speed. I was just wondering if there was a button or setting I touched by accident and need to revert it back as I cannot seem to figure out what I did or what has happened. I tried to divert around it and set cruise control on to maintain it but it still accelerates, its almost like its picking up another function slightly and connecting it to my throttle but I have check all my buttons and have no other button linked to throttle. I have also checked to make sure the button worked fine and is not my button. I restarted the game, my computer and even made a new profile on the game to see if it was linked with that profile and confirm I did press something I shouldn't have but it happens on my other profile as well so now I am back to square one with no idea. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated thanks! Thanks. * It does not do this on ATS, it only happens on ETS2 *
  13. Can anyone help? I used this a fair few times now and for some reason tonight when I logged in, synced all the job stuff up it crashed the game, I figured it out that when you ADD CARGO it comes up with how many kms the job is? It doesn't normally do this as it is either 0kms or just nothing pops up except for the load? Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? It corrupts my gamesave everytime I try to load it with the kms showing. I deleted the program and reinstalled and no change? I also deleted all gamesaves and saved a new one and no change, I cannot think what I am doing wrong *EDIT* If I do get the load right and the kms don't show up then the load doesn't show in the game when it loads
  14. Hi, sorry again to bother. When I try to play ETS2 and login it says I need to register/link the game but doesn't let me, I have triple checked all settings are public and family sharing is off, I have logged 6hrs of play and already have ATS linked to the TruckersMP account but just cannot for the life of me work out why ETS2 will not link, have I missed something or done something wrong in the process? Thanks in advance
  15. Nevermind, I got it, cant remove post sorry!
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