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  1. Creatgame

    New Support System

    This a very easy and cool system. Thank you truckersmp
  2. Creatgame

    Ranks of the TruckersMP Community

    Nice to See this stuff list. And cool that you have so cool ranks.
  3. Creatgame

    Creating Custom Jobs - Virtual Speditor

    A very cool Programm. Thank you.
  4. Creatgame

    New Mexico DLC Giveaway Winner

  5. Creatgame

    TruckersMP Facebook Group Rules Update

    Thanks for this info
  6. Creatgame

    Removing the Translation Team

    Its sad to Hear this information
  7. Creatgame

    Forum Emoticons

    Very nice :genius:
  8. Creatgame

    Suggestions Forums Rework

    Thats cool
  9. Creatgame

    Changes to the recruitment system

    Thanks for this Information
  10. Creatgame

    New Support System

    Nice Change very cool