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  1. 2 minutes ago, JamesS014 said:



    The servers are having some authentication issues. Please be patient and wait for them to be stable.

    We cannot do anything about this.


    Kind Regards,

    ok thanks i guess thats all i needed, i just had to be sure that it wasn't on my end!

  2. note: i have downgraded my game to 1.37 on ets 2!


    ok so iv been having some problems getting into sim 1, so heres what happens i open the tmp launcher no problems there the game opens up and im able to login just fine, but its when i load into the world it will give you the same connecting to server and gives you your place in the queue, but at the tom it will say authenticating, and just wont log me into the server. Iv had my game open for 1hr waiting for it to connect but it just wont!, is anyone ells having this problem

  3. 1 hour ago, Sabbi [GER] said:

    Hello @Texas fox 150

    This happens when you have lost the connection to the server, but you don't have a timeout. So when you reconnect to the server, you will get that your account is already used.

    If you want, you can try some of them:
    > Restart your router.
    > Restart Steam.
    > Run the Steam client as administrator.
    > Uninstall and reinstall TMP.
    > Maybe try changing your Steam password and TMP password and try logging in again.

    Kind Regrads
    Sabbi [GER]
    TruckersMP - Support thank you running steam as admin seems to have helped!



  4. So im having an interesting problem with trying to connect to TMP, so to give you the short story i was playing on ets 2 with a friend going down the cd road when i get kicked for high ping, do no problem i pull over and restart my game, but as im logging back in i run into this problem shown in the photo!. Its telling me that some one is already playing with the same steam id thats on my profile!, so i then go to the real time map on the website and type in my tmpid and it shows im still online, but im not moving its been maybe close to 5hrs since i first checked and i also checked again not long ago and my profile is still there, the only problem is i cant log in and drive!, also my steam was not hacked i still have full control of it.


    So if anyone can help me with this problem i would appreciate it!


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