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  1. That's insane! Congrats everyone
  2. Yeah they really need to add that it's annoying having to close of the game and reload it because my wifi struggled for like 20 seconds...
  3. Yeah I wish they did that personally I'm an acheivement hunter and competition is always a driver of activity as it gives you a goal to reach.
  4. Yeah but not sure how they could pull it off - seems kinda complicated and you would still need to upload the video on youtube and trim the video? Would be nice if they could pull it off though.
  5. Congratulation on becoming part of the moderation team! 

  6. That sounds good, wont really use it that much but it's a good way to show new players how the game looks like.
  7. Take care thanks for your service

  8. Yes ofc I do thats how it needs to be done. its the law IRL too.....
  9. Came accross truckers mp because of videos that I have watched and looking up if there was multiplayer in game. Very happy that truckersmp exist!
  10. I always use my blinkers, it's a reflexe that I have gotten over time from driving irl and ets2/ats.
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