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  1. Not a big fan of it, but it is nice to have. I like pickup trucks better, but the car is pretty nice. It's nice and different to use. Love the skin for pilot for member to enjoy. Or just plain colors. What's your opinion on it?
  2. Woah, Love all the answers!!!!!!! ~Wzis
  3. In ATS there are so many different kinds, Peterbilt's, Kenworth's, Western star, Internationals, and Mack's. ETS may have plenty also, but I'm not familiar with ETS. So..... What's your favorite truck either in ATS or ETS? Mines got to be the Peterbilt 389 ultra cab.
  4. So I don’t know much about trucks but know a few from my father. Good ol dad! I know what a Jake brake is or Jacob brake. A compression and decompression engine brake if I’m correct. I do have to say with the brake on...it sounds absolutely amazing. I don’t know how ETS is or if it has it but ATS has em and it sounds amazing. I do wish it was louder and hearable to other truckers in MP. What about you guys? What about the favorite thing you like about these trucks?
  5. To be honest I don’t think I’ve seen big ones. If I can recall correctly, the biggest one I’ve seen has to be 4-5 long.
  6. Where do you like to play? For example do you like to play TruckersMP or solo in game with AI? For me, I play more TruckersMP then anything.
  7. I have to say my all time favorite skin would be the Skull n Bones skin for any truck. This is in ATS and it is one of the DLC's. My all time favorite! What's yours?
  8. In TruckersMP its nice to see the huge amount of players. Also nice to see all IRL drivers playing this game is if they didn't have enough work. Of course with all the other players just have a blast playing with others. It was amazing to see a lot of people doing Hauling Hope. I like how we all come together during these uneasy times to enjoy a game with others. Keep hauling!!
  9. I have to say the first thing I think of is what is the most populated city today. One time I felt like there was the whole server at Phoenix, one time Elko, yesterday I think is was Los Angeles in ATS. What about you? What about ETS?
  10. TrukersMp brought a whole new world into trucking. Making events and creating a whole lot of fun! They deserve my Patron! What makes you feel alive being a Patron for TruckersMP?
  11. For me my favorite feeling is when I'm driving on the roads and see people pass me, it brings that feeling of happiness and a whole lot of fun to see others doing what your doing too!
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