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  1. Considering i driver a volvo 780 irl and been in and trained in many frieghtshakers including the cascadias ill take a volva over a frieghtshaker any day of the week lol but if I had the money i would for sure go with a kw w-900 full owner op package with a kitty cat 18 speed with a posaible twin turbo set up but realistically and finacially i will go with a volva 780 or the new 860’s fuel efficiency is nice and less shop time compared to the cascadias etc but thats just me lol
  2. I am just curious when the next game mod recruitment will roughly be as a IRL long haul truck driver who enjoys simulation games and been playing ATS for over a year now would love to try and get on that team any rough guesses would be appreciated thanks!
  3. they probably will come out with a majority of the US brand trucks it just takes time due to branding names and the legality for putting the brand names on the game
  4. ATS as it stands in it's current form is an empty shell compared to ETS2 and it really is sad how SCS is treating the game compared to ETS only 5 states have been put out since it launched and only 3 brands of trucks are out there the petes and kw's have 2 different choices and volvo only 1 while if you go into ETs there r 5x the amount of truck brands ( I may be exaggerating my comparison number there but you get the point) the map is huge compared to ATS the way you discover the map is different then ATS it's better and they released the map expansions by regions aint nobody got time to sit on a game for 43 more years before the entire U.S is filled in I will have reached age 73 if they Keep doing this 1 state a year release thing we will say thing in place of true words expressed by many drivers including myself and many of us honestly feel SCS is trying to kill the title ATS which they have lost many fans of because its the same old runs on the same old roads for hours upon hours the only thing that might change is the load and/or vehicle that you are hauling I can not even tell you how many times I have seen Hobbs, Astoria, San Diego, & Portland we really hope SCS beefs up the State releases to maybe like regions or multi states a year and also beefs up its truck releases but we do understand that it takes time to get the trucks out due to branding legality but its like ETS is the golden child that everyone loves and adores and ATS is like the adopted red headed step child as it stands and feels to many of us....oh and your missing a major pass on the map so far in ATS on the boarder of OR & CA on the I-5 you forgot to put in Ashland Pass I was looking forward to that but they never added it in there only major pass/hill is the Grape vine just out side of the LA basin on the I-5 which I might add was pretty accurately designed the lanes really do cross like that IRL so good job on that design in cali but hornbrook is not the last city you cross on the I-5 IRL I do believe it does not even touch the 5 its Yreka and just south of that is Weed its just kinda annoying and irritating sometimes to realize your probably playing a game that will not be around In the coming years because they give all their attention to ETS and it feels like and then if and when they have time there's ATS hiding under those folders and I doubt the 400-560 at peak time average in the server will last long due to boredom until WA is released then they will flock back to the game for a few weeks/months and then the numbers will dwindle yet again as they lose ATS again under those files again so they can go back to primarily focusing on ETS..... "End Rant" MAD CAP out see you all out there on the I-5 corridor.
  5. been scowering the internet for this mod can not seem to find it any help with this would be awesome! thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Anyone know how much longer the ATS US server will be down for? I can not seem to find anything to find any answers
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