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  1. I'm the selfish one... I'll believe that when the statistics come in on who agrees with it and who doesn't. If minorities around the world today can have their say, so can I. Rules and limitations such as these remove the dynamic flow of the game, and contribute to a monotonous play environment, where everyone is limited to the exact same thing. Everyone driving the exact same speed on the exact same road. @heyhococo and if my point is valid, what? Lower the speed limit again? No thanks. Whatever happened to the fun element? Where we have things that aren't strictly just exactly as they are in real life? We now need to restrict every factor to prevent the chance of a VIRTUAL crash at the expense of overall enjoyment? Maybe ya'll like it, and some others too, but that won't change the fact I do not agree with it at all. Knock me all you want.
  2. Yeah of course not. Whatever, won't just be my opinion.
  3. Oh? Is that so? Well I shouldn't have to suffer just for the majority. Check out how well your 50 mph limit is stopping crashes! People still crash into each other, just slower! Reckless driving is the problem, not speeding. Driving over curbs, not yielding, running red lights. All that is why we have crashes here. Or we can blame speeding and lower the limit to 20. I play MP for a reason, asking me to speed in SP is ridiculous and we both know that. Collisions happen, people in MP should just deal with it. It's all cause people can't or don't want to drive properly. I can speed and not crash cause I know WHEN to slow down! Check the video. 50 MPH limit did nothing. Can't argue with visual proof... Want more proof? Go on ANY road. You'll find the exact same thing.
  4. I respectfully disagree with each and every single change made in this update. Yet another speed limiter that literally nobody asked for. And if you did, wonderful for you, I certainly didn't/wouldn't. Totally unrealistic. The only thing that stops anyone from speeding in real life is a speeding ticket or lack of power. That should be the only thing stopping me from speeding in the game. Ya'll going for realism, well there's your realism. Oh yeah... "but semis in europe in real life have speed limiters to 90 km/h!" Uh huh, well ever notice how ETS2 gives us the option to disable that limiter? That's cause not everything needs to be 100% realistic, it's a GAME! I don't see anywhere as EU2 being a simulation server? Why do we need to limit people in a server that is for driving freely? I tried EU 1, 3, and 4, and you know what? I couldn't stand any of them, and for the exact same reason as I cannot stand EU2 now! The limiters! They suck the fun and dynamics out of everything! Everybody just driving the exact same monotonous speed. Even in EU1, 3, AND 4, limiters are ridiculous cause basically all they do is automatically set your highest speed to the current speed limit! Wheres the fun in a game that practically drives itself? Controls it's own throttle so to speak? Am I saying change EU1 , 3 , and 4? No, if people actually enjoy that, great for them! I don't! Which I why I play EU2, and I don't need those same limits imposed in the 1 standing server that actually had free will! If I want to speed, why shouldn't I be able to? The no racing law? I don't race anybody. Half the time I'm driving completely alone on a 2 lane highway, yeah, can really get in a lot of trouble speeding there. With this, speeding cameras are practically irrelevant as you'll never get any amount of decent speed ever again. Only ticket you might get as you crawl your power drained piece of scrap metal up to an astounding 50 mph is for 5mph over, if you even reach 50...... Seriously, who's idea was this? So bloody sick of having these speed limits imposed on us! If I wanted to do 30 km/h I'd go onto EU1, or literally any other server! That's literally what those servers are there for! "HARDCORE" simulation player who just needs full immersion in your trucking experience? Head over to EU1! Or EU3! OR EU4! That's literally what it's for and labelled! Simulation! Particularly EU1! EU2 should not have such speed limitations! It should be up to the player's discretion how fast they go, and suffer the consequences of their actions accordingly. But no, we have to remove the danger and make everybody go 50mph just because some people can't drive! The overall limit of 93mph was bad enough! Now we have bloody 50 half the time! Just like the other servers! If I wanted to go 50, I'd go to EU 1! What on earth is the point of having a 750 hp engine if we never are able to use it? My truck can easily wind up to 106 mph in SP, but in MP it's a sluggish piece of rubbish that can maybe crawl it's way up to 93mph by next harvest. It's like being forced to drive a broken down powerless wreck instead of the powerful semi we paid premium price for! It literally not only limiting our speed, but draining our truck's power! My acceleration in SP is WAAAY better than MP. My acceleration in MP isn't even half that of mine in SP. What is the point of customization if we are all going to be restricted to the same speed? These changes literally undermine all customization and freedom offered by stock ETS2... Sure I can put a new engine in, but for what purpose? So I can MAYBE haul my way up to 50 or 93 faster? New chassis? Pointless. New Engine? Pointless. It literally makes all performance enhancements useless. How about this? We can choose whether we want to disable our trucks to 10km/h or not? A little tickbox in the settings, tick it, and voila! You can go 50mph everywhere just like you always dreamed! Meanwhile the rest of us can actually move. (harsh? maybe.) Sorta like when you take a WOT contract! Ohhhh wait... there's already a setting that did that with base-game! Disable speed limiter! Someone somewhere at SCS software must have understood this?! Why can we not just have this? Then those realism players who just have to be on EU2, can all poke along, while I can actually be on my way! Oh, guess what, we do have this in the MP settings menu! But it literally only increases the cap to 93mph, not remove it as it promises to! And now we got a new cap of 50mph in cities that disregards that promise of a cap removal entirely because we're limited to the same dumb speed we're promised is removed when we tick that box! I'm sick of these pointless limitations in speed that are just getting gradually worse and worse and worse. It's bloody ridiculous! There's no reason to crawl along at 50mph half the time! Especially when I'm on the highway that's technically in the city... What's next? A 60 mph limit? 50 mph constant? I don't know, maybe 30 mph? How about 0 mph? People definitely can't crash then! On top of that disaster, let's give cars caravans! Great idea! More length to block the road with! Awesome! Car drivers already can't drive, let's give them some new weaponry to wreak havoc! Only the smallest fraction of car drivers actually drive legit. I never really used snowmod, but I don't know why it has to be removed? Because it's seasonal? Or? See no reason why people shouldn't be able to use it year round if they want to. Reaaaally angry with these developments.... I understand you think you're making the roads "safer" but you're really not. Most collisions are intentional, or due to lag/high traffic. I imagine very few due to speeding. BUT let's disable speeding that'll do it! I'm sure everyone will be like "welp, guess I can't ram this guy here, I'm only doing 50... have to be doing at least 63 to ram someone". Yeah, that'll work. The real problem, I'll tell you. I've been on MP for weeks now, and I ain't so much as seen a single admin, even in high traffic areas like osnabruck/amsterdam/rotterdam / etc. ... On top of that I don't know as that anyone has ever got kicked for something that wasn't stupid like... "OH you don't have your headlights on in broad daylight! Turn em on or you'll get kicked!" Maybe start putting some consequences for the people causing issues instead of giving us all pointless limits that do nothing to solve anything. Terrible, terrible update. You want, go ahead and chastise me for speaking my mind on this update. I'm just airing my fundamental right of free speech, guaranteed to any and all people. Yes I'm complaining, as I have the right to. It's certainly among the worst update possible to me. In short, thanks for ruining ETS2MP.
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