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  1. EU2, because of the high population. Seeing cars roll keeps the drive interesting
  2. Mostly because it's more realistic than baron motorways, as well as the occasional truck flying off into the distance attempting to be a plane.
  3. Logitech g920, got it in a sale, never looked back
  4. The fast and the furious ETS2 Edition
  5. From personal experience, The Logitech G920 is perfect, good build quality and looks the part too.
  6. Either music, very loud, or having the TV on in the backgound, which sometimes is bad for my driving, as the Tv is positioned perfectly next to my pc setup
  7. That's the plan, I'm hoping the community can help with questions as to cover all EU countries
  8. It's not complete, it's not designed to be a hardcore test, I appreciate your feedback, please post any question suggestions. Updating the list now.
  9. It's still a WIP, all feedback is welcome and I'll certainly get onto adjusting. If you're a player outside of the UK, I'd especially appreciate input from you with new questions I'll update the list shortly.
  10. Thanks for taking the test, feel free to post your own questions to be added, these can include EU and UK practice.
  11. Still making tweaks, Will be more generalised to EU, thanks for the feedback and will amend it
  12. Thanks for taking the test, all feedback is welcome to improve it, made the edits
  13. Welcome to the VOSA ETS2MP edition professional driver register. About this topic This is just a little fun, as some Virtual companies require a driving assessment of sorts, I've put together a Theory test. This is in no way official, but more a little bit of fun to test your knowledge and practice. Current version is not final, the end test will consist of 50 questions, of which include ETS2 related questions, actual LGV Theory examination quests and general knowledge TAKE THE TEST (BETA) The pass mark is 80%. Post a screen shot of your results, I'll add your name to the Register. Once added, feel free to use the above logo in your signature Looking to add more questions, Please post any additional quests you feel should be added. Lets get this a community test. Professional Driver Register Disclaimer- In posting this thread, I'm in no way stating I'm part of company/companies associated with VOSA, ETS2MP, SCS, or any company of similar interest. By completing this quiz, you in no way gain any status within ets2 (or) ets2MP. this quiz is not an official representation of any company, and is for the purpose of entertainment. Please contact me direct regarding any issues with this topic, contents, author, poster.
  14. Never thought I'd see one of those again
  15. Noticed this at the EP a few days ago
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