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  1. Bans and warnings

    Sorry, who actually even plays multiplayer to get XP/Money other than live streamers/youtubers etc
  2. Bans and warnings

    I personally agree to a system similar to this, though that may be because I have just recently started playing multiplayer - I can see players that have been using the mod for months would be frustrated? when players ram or whatever so would like that person to be banned. Though I feel like "new" players should get a one time warning first because they are still getting used to the multiplayer conditions of lags, desyncs, fps drops.. the conditions are slightly different to single player. By banning them for few days is probably going to make them think twice (which a warning could similarly do) but it doesn't remove the fact that there is still the online issues of lags etc. Additionally, it feels like so many veterans have their Canon Cameras ready and recording everything and reporting constantly so they can eventually become a moderator because they have made 1000s of reports - I've been reported by a person who has millions of cash, like what do you lose? Lol.