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  1. Bans and warnings

    LoL I do, I enjoy it more than sp.
  2. Bans and warnings

    @enex SLOVENIABut still, should not be the one, who reports the incident, the victim itself? For example, in my case, it was my fault, it was i would say, even a serious accident that should not be forgiven. But when its just a small hit and the other person forgives you afterwards should you still be banned ? Usually videos end right after the crash so there is no record of conversation after it. Its like with real life accidents, where the participants decide whether they want to call the police or solve it by themselfs.
  3. Bans and warnings

    Indeed, for example once someone rammed me but he said sorry right after that and it was nothing serious so I just let it be. But someone could have reported him and got him banned even tho I, the one who should choose to report or not, didnt mind.
  4. Bans and warnings

    Or maybe there should be warning system where you have 1 warning and ban after getting 2nd. After 3 bans, which would last with increasing length, you would be perma banned. Sound fair to me. It would punish rule breakers and at the same time forgive someone who just made a stupid mistake.
  5. Bans and warnings

    I appreciate all your answers, I guess this thread can be closed with resolution there will be no change in ban system in near future. Wish you all good luck and have fun.
  6. Bans and warnings

    As i mentioned before I did not do it on purpose NEVERTHELESS I should have fixed my problem with brakes not respondig before going for a ride so I accept the punishment and I dont want to discuss me being unbanned(ill wait those few days). But this entire thing made me think about all sorts of unjust bans because of lagging players or other things. In my opinion banning people instantly is little bit too strict. They should be banned after repeatedly breaking rules. I havent seen such strict rules ever on any hardcore RP servers in any game. Imagine a situation where you get distracted by parents, pets ect.(mostly parents) You cant simply ignore them and while you are trying to reply or do something you accidantely go to the oposing lane and hit the truck. Tho you did not do it on purpose, you are goingto get banned. Is it fair ?
  7. Bans and warnings

    Indeed kick system for not using headlights and so on is fine, but for example I got banned for just ramming someone without the intesion and tbh it wasnt really my fault. It feels bad to be banned when you know you didnt do anything wrong on purpose and its simply stupid mistake. There are multiple problems with laggers. Someone who lags a lot gets rammed because he is simply lagging and someone is going to get banned for that. Oh I believe people do read the rules they just decide to ignore them especialy people... not from europe.
  8. Bans and warnings

    Ive been recently banned for accidentaly ramming a person, nevertheless it was my fault for not properly fixing my brake to the Wheel which powers it(so it didnt work when I was in need of it). But to be honest it was the only time I remember ramming anyone. Ive been rammed on the other hand so many times its hard to count. But should people be really banned instantly for breaking a rule (not on purpose) such as this ? Shouldnt there be a warning system that asceirtans if you get 2 warnings 3rd one will be ban ? Anyone can make a mistake by not paying attention because we all sit in real world with all kinds of distractions, ect. I hate when people break the rules on purpose but especialy in game like this it can happen without the intension to do so.