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  1. Wonderin', how many actually think about, "deleting" CD would be an option, resp. a solution. The CD route, as any other route, shouldnt be changed. First of all, we're talking 4 servers, without counting the ATS-server. There isnt some random dude with a gun in your room, who's forcing you to run EU2 and then as well driving on the "CD" the whole day. You know what you get, when you drive there. Noone, who'S clearly minded and appreciates cargo-delivery without damage, would drive there. NEVER,EVER, dude. The only folks , who are "suffering" trough the CD-road, are the game-mods, who've got to go trough tons of reports. But at the same time, there are "options", to bypass that problem. There are several terms for a "proper" report. When you give in reports @ CD road, it doesnt matter if its get accepted or not, you will get a bad rating. The reason of the rating, got already explained. I guess, publishing some of these terms, would relieve staff, but thats none of my business. Or maybe improve the report-rating, so people who give in CD-reports, will get "-1" for every CD-report. So at the end, you're not able to give in reports anymore. Its ALWAYS the same thing, when you ask folks, who are mad about the CD-road. You ask 'em, why the hell they keep on driving on this route, day in day out. The typical answer is, that they "enjoy" being around other drivers. Sorry, but that bulls* . There are more than 30 roads, around 4 countries, which are FULL of drivers. Always 5- 10 drivers around you. Just take a look @ ETS2RealtimeMap Be honest and tell you're enjoying the "thrill", man. The thrill, to circuit around trolls, idiots and noobs, and trying to avoid a crash. There's no shame in it. The CD route is more a mixture of "parkour" and traffic, than a driving simulation. I cant drive there with good conscience, anymore. Have fun.
  2. Neue Ban-Methode: Hardware-Ban?

    Mir soll es Recht sein. Ich hatte letztens noch an einem Script gebastelt, der HWID-Bans umgeht auf Linux-Kernel, just4fun, aber natürlich wäre es deutlich schwieriger. Vorallem, wenn man BIOS-Bans anwenden würde. Alles was Hacker und Cheater vom zocken abhält, kann ich nur positiv entgegen sehen. Wenn die Mehrkosten sich wirklich im Rahmen halten sollten, dann nur zu.
  3. Neue Ban-Methode: Hardware-Ban?

    @grundi2601 Ist das wirklich so ? @[AC] Gitarre3Man darf auch nicht vergessen, dass gerade Summer-Sale ist.
  4. Neue Ban-Methode: Hardware-Ban?

    @[AC] Gitarre3Das stimmt schon, aber wieso sollte man ein komplettes Sicherheitssystem umstellen, Mehrkosten hinnehmen, wenn die unterstützten Formate wie ETS2 und ATS einen derart geringen Prozensatz von Hackern und "Ban-Evading" haben, dass es sich einfach nicht lohnen würde. CSGO kann ich vollkommen nachvollziehen, genauso wie WoW, Dota und andere Plattformen, die wirklich unter diesen Problemen leiden und den Usern den Spielspaß nehmen. Aber diese System hier aufzufahren, ist einfach unrealistisch und übertrieben. Nur meine Meinung. Kann mir wirklich 0,00 % vorstellen, dass das hier jemals eingeführt wird, solange die Relation von Hackern zur Community derart gering ausfällt. Ich meine, man hätte mir mal mitgeteilt, dass dieser unter 0,5 % der ganzen Reports liegen würde.
  5. Neue Ban-Methode: Hardware-Ban?

    Meines Wissens nach gibt es derzeit keinen Hardware-Ban, den man nicht "bypassen" kann. Bitte korrigiert mich, wenn ich falsch liege. Ob nun Reg-fix oder Flash, möglich ist alles. MAC, IP, Motherboard, HDD und BIOS-Bans, wenn ÜBERHAUPT verfügbar (User muss einen Klienten downloaden, welcher dann die ID zum Server sendet.) Und auch das kann manipuliert werden. Zudem müsste man die Datenschutzerklärung von TMP nochmal auffrischen, was aber eher das kleinere Problem wäre. Definitiv eine gute Idee, glaube auf Grund der Mehrkosten eher nicht daran. Und auch wenn man das durchsetzen sollte, wird das Hacker/Cheater nur mehr anstacheln. Zudem ist der Anteil der Hacker in diesem Spiel so gering, dass es den Publisher eher peripher tangiert.
  6. When you start reporting other idiots, you've to learn which aspects are relevant and bannable. Sometimes, you just get confused with some MPID's or recognize, that there isnt really any need for a report. So instead of editing your report and waiting for a mod to close it (which takes some time and means additional WORK for the mods), we could use a timeframe of max 1-2 hours after the report is created, to delete the report. The "reporting guy" avoids a "Declined" and the mod saves some time. Isnt that a wonderful idea ? Have a great weekend. Schrute
  7. Random Road Event

    Destroyed 2x of my WOT-contracts. They just seem to appear suddenly, while being invisible for other drivers.
  8. Happened several times. Got it finally on tape. Ruined many of my cargo's, and it just sucks. Sometimes there are road cones, but not always. Wondering, which road event this might be. Got this problem only on MP. Hope it gets fixed. edit : Bug Report : Game: ETS2 1.31.1s / didn't happened on previous versions / Mod Version: Controllers Used: Xbox One Controller / G920 Description of Issue: / How to reproduce: / Screenshots / Videos: /
  9. Fully agree with you guys. The trailer just looks awesome. Already done with the event. Guess the painting doesnt look too bad, but is still blocked on MP. You will automatically get kicked, after using it. Gotta fix it. Most important, "Wicky" the Viking (achievment of last event), got a new friend. It's little Petey, and he loves to shake it. Have fun, getting your rewards.
  10. How to behave in extreme situations

    @SuperMouse Well, GTA5 would also fit . But you're definitely right. You can't blame the mod-team, but the "Appeal" and "Feedback" -system are quiet useless. Never got a feedback until now, and there's still a ban-note on my profile. That just freaks the crap out of me.......
  11. How to behave in extreme situations

    Thanks for your comprehension, guys. I mean, I love to drive on servers with much traffic, but the other side of the medal was already mentioned..... Guess to stay calm, is the only way, to get out of trouble. I mean how would you react in real life, if someone destroys your cargo ? Thanks to @DJ Jefferz. Used the feedback link, and hope that they remove the "ban-note" from my profile. I really feel like an idiot....A ban for insult.... Jeeeeez Wondering if the insult was so bad, to ban me, if its legit to kick for such things. Just wrote 3 or 4 words, can't remember. Just know, that it was a over 2500 km delivery, and just 2 km before destination, someone destroyed the WOT-cargo with 91 % damage . Hell yeah.
  12. How to behave in extreme situations

    Hello everyone, I'm now part of this peaceful community for a short time, and it's clearly not my intention to throw some demands, but I've got some points on my mind, which I would like to share with you guys. I may be wrong, so feel free to revise me. Everyone knows following situation. You got a hard day @ work/university/school/s.o and you just want to relax with ETS2. Its just relaxing, to drive down the roads with other players, which stick to the rules and help you, when you got problems. I met a bunch of really cool and smooth guys, and dont want to miss driving with other drivers. That was the "entertaining"-site of [email protected] I bet you EXACTLY know how it feels, when you drive a WOT-order, and you drive for hours and hours without any damage on your load, and then BOOOOOOOOM, 10 metres before destination, some son of a goat mistakes this game with F1 2017, and destroys everything you drived for hours. No savepoint for WOT-missions, and everything is ruined HOW SHOULD YOU BEHAVE / HOW CAN YOU BEHAVE ? Is it that far for game-mods to comprehend, that you're mad in such situations ? I know, they're just doing their job, but how is it possible, that you get a ban for insult, and the one who rammed you on purpose, can drive around without any consequences ? It didn't happened just one time. I'm tracking this problem for a long period now. I never thaught it would happen to me, but I got banned for 3 full days, for insulting. 5 FULL hours WOT @ 90 km/h, and then got rammed. What happened to the other guy ? "Appeal a ban" is a "wonderful" tool, if it would work. I wrote several times, but no reactions. By the way, ban got expired, and still got banned..... Now there is a great ban-note on my profile, and I feel like a idiot. This whole case was just on my mind and I think it's a problem, which many drivers get faced with. Best regards Schrute