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  1. I know its a tough one, to care about all the suggestions and requests and it has been discussed several times, but "LAGGER" are the WOOOOOOOORST thing, which can happen to this beautiful online game.

    You cant even blame 'em, thats the what drives you crazy. You know, you cant report this idiot and his shitty computer, and you just imagine how you choke this person with his own network cable, but you cant. And we're not talking 'bout 0,05 milisecs. lag, we're talking bout 1-3 secs.


    How to avoid a crash ? How to enjoy this game, when 70% of the users have a ping above 200 and screw up your truck every time. I guess thats the price you pay, when you want to drive on a crowded server, huh ? I mean, we all want to have fun together, but its just awful.....


    I think I recently read something here 'bout going into "ghost mode". when your ping is too high. This might be a solution. Maybe, with a visible "tag", that the person is going into "ghost mode", so everyone knows.


    edit : I literally LOVE IT, when someone drives trough CD-road on EU2, with the tag "CAUTION LAG".

    Thats really smart, isnt it ? To give a f*** about other drivers, tag LAG into your name, and just drive and hope the best..... AMAZING.

    And who cares, if you destroy other cargos, right ? :) Just type in "sorry", and u're done.


  2. @Kallilo Gamer

    Thanks for the follow, although I dont know why ^^.

    May your mod-dreams come true, my friend. :) It seems to be highly coveted....Thanks.


    -ccowi ... sry my bad - Schrute

    1. Kallilo Gamer

      Kallilo Gamer

      thank you


      I'm not coveted

    2. schrute_farms


      Yeah, but I am. ;) 

      Joking apart, being a mod, is coveted!!!

       Thats what I noticed, since I'm here. Dont know why, but it must be a hell of a job xD. 


      You could just wait and be a useful member of this community (like many other user, which are here since 2014), or you just stick up to some weird creatures @board and "kiss arse" like them. But that takes some work. ^^ If you do it right, you will get invited into a unique mod-group, where you can tell other mods, to help you, if there are any problems ingame. Thats what a canadian recruiter told me proudly :wub::love::wub:. Dont know, if its true.


      Well its up to you, pal.


      Anyway, have fun here.

  3. Just another beautiful spot in the Scandinavia DLC (between Bergen and Oslo). Very nice folks up there.



  4. Incredible, how similar virtual and real life can be, when you compare specific aspects.


    I remember, how I was forced to kiss arse @university first semester. Not only kiss up to profs, but also to people, you were addicted to, just to keep 'em in a good mood.

    You may know that feeling, from work, school,facebook, wherever. This feeling of behaving contrived and phony, giving me the chills big times.


    And now, just compare this behaviour to people here @board, who want to be in favour with some "other folks"


    - reacting to EVERY post of them with a support-statement or at least a "thumbs up"(it doesnt matter, if you agree or not, just be a patient guardian angel) <3


    - follow 'em, no matter if you know them personally or not.


    - make compliments about profile pictures, trucks, and everything you could imagine, the person would like. (/mentioned above - you dont have to agree. Just fake it.)


    - make status updates every 2 hours, just to show you are dedicated


    - stay formal, als long as you can (just in forum, ingame is another story)


    - if there's a female being on board, who may be in a higher position, dont hold up to post as many :wub: and :love: , you're able to.(cause it may be your last chance, when you are desperate for it.No hate, when u look like sh'' in real life, this may be a good chance to be successful)


    -if you see 'em ingame, (dont wait a sec) salute 'em as fast as you can. Dont forget to use :wub: and :love:


    “The dignity of mankind is in your hands; protect it!
    It sinks with you! With you it will ascend.”


    Friedrich Schiller


    Der Menschheit Würde ist in eure Hand gegeben,
    Bewahret sie!
    Sie sinkt mit euch! Mit euch wird sie sich heben!






  5. The PERFECT example, that the "ramming person" isnt always the guilty one.

    The person, who takes the right turn, without watching left and right, is the perpetrator of this accident.

    Didnt reported anyone. Just think twice, before reporting other drivers.



    1. Athir*


      you are the real driver :) 

    2. schrute_farms


      This has nothing to do with me, pal. ;) But thanks, anyway ^^

  6. Well, thats not an argument, pal. You have to adjust yourself to the server circumstances. When you drive 60km/h max, on EU2 and then choose to drive on the CD road, you dont need a predictor to tell, that i causes crashs, reports and traffic on mass. Its no secret, that idiots and skilless folks, choose the CD road, to destroy others cargo. I can totally comprehend, why someone would drive realistic (I do WOT, too). But then, I wouldnt choose the most crowded server AND the most crowded road, to proof my point. Other servers would fit better to your requirements, but thats just my opinion. But if you enjoy, than do whatever works for ya. Have fun and stay safe.
  7. It doesnt matter, if its pet food, or underwear, when you use a 450hp truck for a 20 tons cargo on the CD road (EU2) with more than 2500 drivers on it, you become the star of the show "overtake and rec". I guess, you reported many other drivers, am I right ?
  8. I'm just curious, did you used this truck and cargo in MP on EU2 ? Hope that not, cause' folks like you, effect more traffic and crashs. I know some guys, who choose the slowest engines for trucks and use Heavy-Cargo on the CD-road. Yes, there is no rule about using wrong engines with heavy loads, but its just provocative to other players, especially on the CD-road, when you got less chances to overtake safely. I really hope, you're not that kind of guy....There are wonderfull places, which you can enjoy your slow trucks, but the CD road on EU2 and EU3 is definitely not the right place for such things. In addition to that, if you got a bad internet connection, you become the nightmare of all virtual truckers over the planet.
  9. Its something you get used to on EU2, while driving down the CD-road. When it takes more than 10 minutes, without any moving forward or admin in sight, I quit the game. Its just too much to handle ^^."Ghost Mode" is just too risky and you might damage other trucks. On the other hand, its the THRILL, which moves us to CD. We want something challenging. And whats more challenging, to avoid that idiots crash into your truck ? My life is accompanied by traffic-jams on our lovely "german Autobahn". I dont need 'em in my rare free time.
  10. Could someone tell me, which language this is, or at least  type these letters into the chat box ?




    1. TrademarkGamer


      Do Windows Key + R and type in charmap to find all characters in windows 

    2. schrute_farms


      thx pal. Thought these were specific letters of a language.

  11. Just came to my head, while I was delivering my WOT-cargo with 99% damage trough the C-D road......<_<



  12. Funny Pictures Thread

    Just came to my head, while I was delivering my WOT-cargo with 99% damage trough the C-D road......
  13. How is it possible, that the "Ghost Mode" turns off, when other drivers stand in line ?



    1. grundi2601


      I think this is an bad bug from TruckersMP... ):

    2. schrute_farms


      N1. Got kicked from the server for that. :troll:

      Its always nice, when you see a act of justice.....

  14. When you start reporting other idiots, you've to learn which aspects are relevant and bannable. Sometimes, you just get confused with some MPID's or recognize, that there isnt really any need for a report. So instead of editing your report and waiting for a mod to close it (which takes some time and means additional WORK for the mods), we could use a timeframe of max 1-2 hours after the report is created, to delete the report. The "reporting guy" avoids a "Declined" and the mod saves some time. Isnt that a wonderful idea ? Have a great weekend. Schrute
  15. Not its not silly, pal. Everythings alright. You'll see, it looks just better, when you put more value on scaling. Have fun