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  1. Thank you for the follow! :)

    1. TruckerWolff


      No problem! ;)

  2. Yeah i managed to fix it, i loaded in a less dense area, but thanks for the help
  3. Hey guy i believed i may have fixed it, i tried loading in a less dense area and that help aswell my setting was on ultra so i made them medium-high and i think that made my game run slower because it needed to load more which caused me to connect slower and then get kicked for unreliable connection. thanks for the help guys!!
  4. Everytime i connect to simulation 1 i always seem to loose my connection when connecting to the server, i have pretty good internet and i was able to connect before but now i seem to always loose my connection. im not to sure if its because there is alot of players in that server and it is slowing my internet down but could someone help please!
  5. there is alot of trolls on the road that would ram you off the road on purpose, best thing to do is report them in game and hope an admin sees it but other than that you just have to ignore them and try not to get mad with them.
  6. TruckerWolff


    the horn is very annoying and it should be 5 sec, this is a great idea!!
  7. How is everyone!

  8. i think it should be added, because damaged trailers effect income, and what if it wasn't your fault for damaging it and your receiving a low income
  9. i think if you have a heavy trailer then yeah you are expected to drive slower, but if you a regular trailer then i would say stick around 60-90km/h
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