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  1. I remember Big Sur - by far the best WOT event in my opinion, mainly thanks to TruckersMP. It was a bittersweet event for the ATS server because it was the most it had for a very long time and the player count dropped again right after. Back to the event, I actually liked the traffic jams with everyone with a loaded lobby or a full dump trailer. Every driver pitching in to clear up the landslide showed SCS Software just how much the community enjoyed the event - I still hope they make another like it. The main reason Big Sur sticks out from the others is mainly because the event is dedicated to one central location. Other events (while still fun!) with loads across the states seem more secluded, at least for the ATS servers. I'm optimistic that we'll see another event like that one day. Thanks for bringing back the awesome memories!
  2. My #1 pick is the Freightliner Cascadia. I've (somewhat) patiently waited for the introduction of the beloved Cascadia since the initial release of ATS and the amount of detail SCS transferred into the game is amazing, just as the other models. With the right engine/transmission combo, you get an all-round hauling machine. Although a lot of heavy haul drivers would prefer Freightliner's sister brand Western Star and their new 49x model, it's basically a "Cascadia 3500HD" if you will - just a more rugged look and some small tweaks under the hood when it comes to in-game performance. I personally drive a manual EF 18 speed with the Cummins X15. The interior is the best I've seen, though that of the International lonestar and recently added LT is a close second. If there were anything negative about the Cascadia's interior that I'd mention, it would be that there is no [Fuel Mileage Untill Empty] info in the instrument cluster. You see Cascadias all around, it's one of the most popular fleet trucks in America. They work hard and look great while doing it. As a bonus this is my main truck, Crimson, that I've driven since Freightliner's addition to the game and I do plan to keep it and drive it for years to come.
  3. Totally understand! As a dev as well (not for TMP, for other products), I can relate to the task of updating a plugin or mod after code has changed or added some stuff. Keep of the great work, mwl4, and the rest of the team supporting the progress and the TMP mod itself!
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