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  1. Here at Viva Trucking we take the rules of the road very seriously. We have a dedicated HR team that spend a lot of their free time working to ensure that as a company our drivers are demonstration a professional attitude towards driving in an online environment. We have rules in place that have been developed and refined over our time in the TMP community as well as a strict policy in regards to following the TMP rules and we continue to improve these rules whenever it is necessary to do so. Generally speaking we ensure that our drivers are following the correct speed limits and traffic signals at all times when there are other people in the vicinity to ensure that no accidents occur. To that end, we investigate all instances of our drivers failing to follow these rules. Of course, except in official convoys we can't see what all our drivers are doing at all times in TMP, so we do have a driver reporting page on our website for anyone to report any Viva drivers they see on the road failing to be respectful to other driver. The link can be found here. As I said before, we take it very seriously whenever someone is disrespectful to other drivers or fails to adhere to the rules of TMP or our rules, and investigate all instances of wrong doing occurring. I hope this clears up any confusion about our attitude towards our drivers in TMP
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