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  1. I prefer to be in a VTC, I like to be competitive with my kilometers
  2. What did you guys and girls like today? 😇

  3. Thanks for following me Friend 😄

  4. Good morning friends, I hope that today is going very well for you and drive carefully hehe 😜

    1. AzBrazilSP


      Thank you so much my friend, I hope you as well. 

  5. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy the new DLC
  6. The mercedez or the volvo, I recommend them
  7. Only Scania and Volvo, I have not tried the others.
  8. Generally I prefer the desktop pc as it runs much better
  9. I hope everyone had or had a good day 🙂


    1. AzBrazilSP


      Cheers, u2 ❤️ 

  10. In my opinion, this topic seems like a great idea to me, Anyone can be in these situations and has no support from anyone, But here we are a great community Greetings!
  11. In ATS: The kenworth, s In ETS2: All haha
  12. In itself, the one that I use the least, but still it seems like a good truck and they all seem so to me, but the Daf very little that I use it
  13. I'm looking forward to Iberia too!
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