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  1. maye you didnt allow season effects or try adding heavy winter
  2. Every road in Scandinavia is awesome go check them out
  3. i use g29 and my ffb is little bit high because i like to feel the wheel turning and not like spinning it easy
  4. Road to the black sea is fully supported now enjoy it.
  5. Promods is updated now all we need to do is wait and let developers do the work.
  6. There is no date for winter mod but i hope there will be some snow on the roads soon. Who doesnt like some drifting and sliding all over the road.
  7. Why would they delete speed limit most of truckers are here to enjoy and not drive like in racing games. You can always buy NFS or any other racing game and drive faster.
  8. Hey Lets be patient and just wait its the best we can do now. Developer team is working hard to make us happy and its free,they have family,real life problems and all that. Servers will be online in a short time i hope.
  9. Hey You can buy it bot dont need too you can go to black sea by buying garage in Romania and fast traveling there. Best regards
  10. serwery promods są wyłączone, a pracownicy promods robią mapę zgodną z wersją 1.36


    1. John MC

      John MC

      Dziękuję za odpowiedź :)  Pozdrawiam

      Thanks you for the reply :) Best Regards

    2. Tedy_Games


      No problem 😎 Here to help you  and other people that need it.

      Best regards from me too.

    3. John MC

      John MC

      po aktualizacji promods muszę od nowa przechodzić proces instalacyjny,wiecie jakie to denerwujące???

  11. Hi Piftie Those bugs you listed are already known and developers are trying to fix them About speed limit on 110kmh hp doesn't have anything with speed al trucks are limited on 110kmh maybe you were driving external contracts so your truck could go only 90 kmh Money earned from selling paintjobs is not going to tmp because tmp is not a mod from SCS and all money from dlcs are going to SCS
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