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  1. You've done a very good job with this. Now peoples can know which roads they are better not taking if they wish not to crash. Well done.
  2. Ik maak me hier verder geen zorgen over, als het stopt dan stopt het en zal het heel jammer wezen. Als het niet stopt dan is dat alleen maar goed. Ik neem aan dat je het over in-game hebt hier? Ik heb inderdaad bijna 300,000 kilometer gehad op de vrachtwagen maar vindt Scania in het echt helemaal niet zo goed als dat er beweerd wordt.
  3. Supporting this because I'd like to see the server with a lot of players. Aside of that I don't see why it makes sense, because afk players aren't actually playing, so why do they need to be online.
  4. Supported, it can really remove a lot of annoyance in busy areas. When everyone is talking and none is actually heard because of the total sound-mess.
  5. Just make it banable to logout on the road, always head to a place where you can safely park. And freeze these in who are in ghost-mode. It's very unlikely that two peoples parked on exact the same location, login on exact the same moment. By making players unable to logout on the road, this can be the solution.
  6. You should look at the packetloss instead of the ping. If you have 10.0 packetloss and 30 ping you lag very heavy, but if you have 0.0 packetloss and 300 ping, the server will see you driving a few meters behind the actual location on your screen, but you'll not be laggy. Ping doesn't make a lot of sense if it's below 500 whenever the packeloss is alright. About geting back out the of ghost-mode, it can be done by command. Lagging is not a offense since none can do anything about it. If your ping drops low again you can make a command for the player with a text draw to get back fr
  7. This is exactly the way how it goes in real-life, (well for a lot of truckers, some of them don't do it at all) but, great guide.
  8. Nice guide, this is also works this way in real life. However, how about using your left and right indicator to thank another trucker for giving you space. By for example switching to the lane where the other trucker is driving? As real life trucker, I'd know that this is a very common used way to say "thank you" to another truck driver.
  9. Basically the same suggestion as this one. Supported because the idea is just great.
  10. I've sometimes lag-drops myself, and either are very woried if someone is driving close behind me. In a lag-drop it gets very close to a crash sometimes, but it is something about network connection. My computer can handle it all, so there is no way for me to resolve this lag-drops that happen sometimes. Therefore I'd support this suggestion, it could really be usable.
  11. Supported very much. I'd really wish to have this feature in-game.
  12. Actually I'd think that peoples should see it themselves, who forgets to turn on his lights when you'd see almost nothing without it? I forgot it once in real-life at midnight, even in real-life there is more visibility than in this game without lights. Therefore I don't think that this is really needed, since the darkness would caus enough warning. Altough I'd still support this idea, because of the fact that.. If someone is driving without lights.. He at least can't say that we didn't warn him for it, when causing accidents.
  13. Supporting this, because it simple can be annoying. But only for these who keep pressing the horn button for 5+ seconds in a spee. Else I'm unable to horn to my friends when driving across them. =)
  14. Just add a in dealership buyable paintjob for every nation, in that way they have realistic paint jobs everywhere on the map. =)
  15. Supported, because I'd love realism in simulation games.
  16. Ik heb dit ook gehad, heb het opgelost met zowel ETS2 als TruckersMP opnieuw te installeren. Nu werkt het weer gewoon normaal, een andere oplossing kan ik zo even niet bedenken.
  17. De video is (dan wel compleet opnieuw in elkaar gezet) geoptimaliseerd.
  18. Ik zie alleen wel dat er een paar grammatische fouten in de video zitten. Iemand een idee hoe ik deze kan corrigeren zonder de hele video opnieuw te bewerken?
  19. Despite of the fact that I'm probably not going to use this. I'd see that this could be usable for a lot of players in the community. This is either because of the arguments in the replies above. Therefore I'd support this suggestion.
  20. In de aantal maanden dat ik Euro Truck Simulator 2 speel, heb ik veel mensen gezien die moeite hadden met het achteruitrijden in een LZV voertuig. Ook heb ik veel mensen gezien die een LZV voertuig in de achteruit probeerde aan te dokken, dit was in de meeste gevallen grappig om te zien. Daarom laat ik jullie in deze video/uitleg zien, hoe je het beste met een LZV voertuig achteruit kunt rijden, en eventueel kunt inparkeren. 1. Hoe krijg je permissies om een dubbele trailer op de moeilijke manier in te parkeren: Zoals de meeste van jullie waarschijnlijk wel gezien hebben. Je
  21. @SuperMouse If that's true, than it would explain why I wasn't kicked. However in case the engine is stalling, wouldn't it stop your truck already in that 15 seconds? Whenever you turn the truck on again, the lights go on too, so that couldn't be the issue.
  22. @SuperMouse that is pretty weird, the system doesn't seem to kick me when the engine is off or when I'm not driving. However I'd support this idea, based on the fact that I'd agree with the statements made in the previous reactions.
  23. Supported, because of the fact that this makes it a lot easier for (mainly) new players to get merged in convoys and/or the community.
  24. In my opinion this would be the perfect thing for peoples which want to farm playing hours for some reason. With beeps or a timer you just regulary check your PC-Screen in order to see how long you've left untill you get kicked. Everytime when you almost get kicked, you'll just move the truck a bid in order to reset the timer. I don't see the reason of adding this feature, the game is meant to be played right? If pauzing continiously, other players have to wait more before being able to join the game due to the queue. If you wish to get playing hours you can do
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