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  1. The intimidator

    Coloured License Plates

    Hello, does this also work for trailers? Because I tried it and I did not have results, more than the enrollment haha disappears. What I did was the following: license_plate: "<color value=FF0000>LUIS|italy" I know it's possible because I've seen several Turks carry their blue and red license plates. Greetings and I hope someone can help me soon.
  2. The intimidator

    How to tell if a mod is allowed in TruckersMP

    Thank you, I'll have it in mind.
  3. The intimidator

    Sounds of crashes for everyone

    Good idea friend Juan. We must clarify that this will take a long time to be implemented but it will be worth it, it will increase the realism as you say. Greetings and hopefully it will be implemented!
  4. The intimidator

    Emergency Roadworks

    I love watching how TruckersMP progresses with the passage of time, honestly this is amazing, good job!
  5. The intimidator

    Simulation and /Fix

    I do not know what I would do without the /fix command, hahaha. Cheers!