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  1. Thanks for the follow mate. :wub:

  2. Hello, does this also work for trailers? Because I tried it and I did not have results, more than the enrollment haha disappears. What I did was the following: license_plate: "<color value=FF0000>LUIS|italy" I know it's possible because I've seen several Turks carry their blue and red license plates. Greetings and I hope someone can help me soon.
  3. Good idea friend Juan. We must clarify that this will take a long time to be implemented but it will be worth it, it will increase the realism as you say. Greetings and hopefully it will be implemented!
  4. I love watching how TruckersMP progresses with the passage of time, honestly this is amazing, good job!
  5. I do not know what I would do without the /fix command, hahaha. Cheers!
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