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  1. From Sardinia with love.
  2. MrG721

    Is this normal?

    Yes, it's normal. You send a provocation to that person without being involved, he responded accordingly by sending provocation to you. Perfectly normal human interaction. Now you are in shock for being called LGBT/Gay. The question is, why are you in shock for being called LGBT? Did you felt like being called weirdo? Why are you searching for the clues that might gave a reason to that player to call you LGBT/Gay? Do you want to remove those clues? If you can't handle Internet arguing, just mind your business and don't start one. People have freedom of speech, they might throw nasty words at your face.
  3. MrG721

    DLC Baltic price

    6 achievements will come with upcoming DLC, same as Italia DLC, if someone is interested. https://postimg.cc/Z9CyLsXj
  4. MrG721

    About, feedback

    1-2 day/s max Feedback staff is up to job. How long you are waiting for feedback?
  5. There is no reason to delete my comment if I pointed out that the blue line in the picture above is incorrect, because changing lanes essentially is making double lane roundabout into single lane roundabout and also it can cause incidents and congestion while blocking everyone who attempt to turn right from the right lane. I did not wrote non sense for sure. 1. Yield traffic from both lanes 2. Know your lane 3. Signal to exit
  6. MrG721

    reverse lights

    I'm more worried about break lights, on some trailers you can barely notice them.
  7. MrG721

    C-D road

    Why do so many people use the C-D route? Mostly because of Twitch and YouTube, also people record incidents and post it in their YT channels. It can be entertaining if you are in good mood, it can give you good laugh watching flying trucks. It challenges you to deliver undamaged cargo, when accomplished it can reward you with a good feeling of a success. People love to stick together it is in our nature.
  8. @FPSKoda4 Dude... why would you stop behind parked truck if you have space to go around him? Makes no sense. Just enable your turn light and go around him. Calais is well known chaos, so adapt to it or avoid it. Assuming you were stopped just behind him, instead of wasting time on reporting player (abusing system) you could do Quick Save, then Quick Load and enter in the Ghost mode and drive trough him... problem solved... Too many players easily get hotheaded, and first thing they do is report, record... for the Christ sake enjoy the game, think different...
  9. When I decide to play ETS2, I play just one route 3000+ km per game session, I don't measure how much time it will take me to complete route.
  10. @The_FalcoN I Agree, if implemented badly, physics can ruin game experience. As shown in the video seems like they treated slightly wet road as icy road which is bad IMO.
  11. Same here, I don't have beacons installed at all but I'm still able to use integrated trailer beacon, cargo and trailers that are intended to be driven with beacons enabled do have installed beacons on the trailer's rear side. Beacons are annoying especially when they are used for no reason, people haul flowers with standard trailer and flash beacons, solo trucks without trailers flash beacons, cars flash beacons, cars with attached caravans flash beacons and many more examples of pointless use of beacons that are only creating eyes strain and lag. Luckily from the next patch we will be able to disable all beacons via console command g_disable_beacons, hopefully this feature will bi available in the MP as well. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1022868#p1022868
  12. Yes, I have Krone DLC but I barely use those trailers. I like and prefer white Schwarzmüller trailer, pretty much every time I'll pick that trailer over any other trailer. It goes very nice with my clean white Volvo FH16
  13. I have Krone DLC but these textures are really ugly... The red trailer with black "texture" text scheme that was used for Schwarzmüller trailer is more acceptable.
  14. Glorious fully modular mechanical keyboard only
  15. MrG721

    Chaos in Calais

    People actually buying ETS2 just to experience Calais-Duisburg chaos, believe it or not... C-D route is not for everyone, avoid it, adapt to it or find solution that will work for you.
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