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  1. Honestly can't wait for it! I hope everyone will enjoy it, our Events Team will try their best to bring the greatest experience during the convoy. - FreightFM Community Manager & Event Supervisor
  2. Chris

    Ban the person above you - game

    Banned for not having a Cargo.
  3. I don't often slow down. It's his/her choice they decided to ovetake me, why should I need to slow down and lose momentum for example. However, I don't accelerate either, as well it's not allowed to do so if other driver is making an overtake maneuver. Of course, if I see that there's an oncoming driver, then I slow down and often even go to the right if I see he's going to either crash into this driver or me. If he does hit me, well I'm allowed to report him, he decided to overtake me here and created an accident.
  4. Update Update / PC Ready

    Finally have my PC back with new SSD :wow:

    I feel like Heavy Hauling today ;) Didn't do them for a long time.

    Also, who's hyped for todays TruckersFM Event?! I certainly am

    1. IethaI


      You better come drive with me then ;)


  5. It's a good idea to limit speed in this area, but (I'm not a dev) I think it'd be quite hard to do, as detecting cities is easy, because it's already in game. Game detects when you enter the City, for example when you "unlock" it for the first time.
  6. Update! / Waiting for PC


    Well good news, apparently the new SSD was mailed from France to the repair shop and will come soon™


    So now it's a waiting game :thisisfine:

  7. Chris

    Favourite Truck on ETS2!?!

    DAF XF, over 37,000 km logged and she's still not giving up.
  8. Personally, Rome I love the Baltic DLC cities, but Italy is still the best looking DLC and Rome is my personal favorite city.
  9. Came back from 2 weeks vacations, now only few more days to get my PC back from the service and time to hit the road with a new Goodyear DLC. 

    Can't wait :love:

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    2. Chris


      Oh no it's lethal :kappa:


      Ikr, we haven't driven with each other for a while (not including public convoys) hah. 

      Can't wait to hop in for a small rife with you :D

    3. IethaI


      A small 'rife' sounds good to me.


    4. Chris


      Shhh, my mobile keyboard decided to die for a minute. :LUL:

  10. Goodmorning sir :mlg_doge:

    1. Chris


      More like good night :kappa:

  11. Suggestion Name: "Event Staff" temporary role on the Event Servers Suggestion Description: Event Staff role for Convoy Supervisors etc. on the event servers. They will have a custom chat color and name (Like Game Moderators etc. have) and they will have the ability to use /announce command. The "event staff" list would be required in event server request and be set during the server creation. Any Image?: N/A Why this should be added?: Well, In my opinion it would help quite a lot during big events. Event Staff would be much more visible on the chat to give commands, and announce things like truckfest winners, convoy departure etc.
  12. Let's goo, Prime Logistics is now officially verified VTC! :check:

    Don't forget to check it out at htpps://truckersmp.com/vtc/7/ :lol:

  13. @TairikuOkami[SK] We are very sorry to hear that, and we would like to know more about this incident. Please contact use via our Discord Guild https://primevtc.com/discord or send a feedback ticket @ https://primevtc.com/feedback. Regards, Chris | COO Prime Logistics Management Team